Insurance and Weather Derivatives: From Exotic Options to Exotic Underlyings

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A unique and diverse resource on the developing theory and practice of pricing and managing insurance derivatives, insurance-risk securitisation and weather derivatives

-Expert practitioners and theoreticians take a detailed look at the new class of complex options and structured products resulting from the convergence of finance and insurance i.e. alternative risk transfer

-Major issues explored include putting a price on Mother Nature, the future of the new asset class, and whether catastrophe risk is uninsurable
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Introduction - Richard Sandor

Section 1: Insurance Derivatives

Chapter 1. Geman, Hélyette, 1999, "From Options on Stocks and Currencies on Options on Insurance, Credit and Weather
Chapter 2. Shimko, David, 1992, "The Valuation of Multiple Claim Insurance Contracts
Chapter 3. Geman, Hélyette, 1994, "CAT Calls"
Chapter 4. Cummins, David and Hélyette Geman, 1996, "Pricing Catastrophe Insurance Futures and Call Spreads: An Arbitrage Approach",
Chapter 5. Dong, Weimin, Haresh Shah, and Felix Wong, 1996, "A Rational Approach to Pricing of Catastrophe Insurance
Chapter 6. Geman, Hélyette and Marc Yor, 1997, "Stochastic Time Changes in Catastrophe Option Pricing", .
Chapter 7. Geman, Hélyette and Marie Odile Albizzati, 1994, Interest Rate Risk Management and the Valuation of the Surrender Option in Life Insurance Policies

Section 2: Securitisation

Chapter 8. Lamm Jr, R. McFall, 1997, "The Catastrophe Reinsurance Market: Economic Gyrations and Innovations Amid Major Structural Transformation"
Chapter 9. Lamm Jr, R. McFall, 199?, "The Exotica Portfolio: New Financial Instruments Make Bonds Obsolete
Chapter 10. Geman, Hélyette, 1996, "Insurance Risk Securitisation and CAT Insurance Derivatives
Chapter 11. Canter, Michael, Joseph B. Cole and Richard L. Sandor, 1997, "Insurance Derivatives: A New Asset Class for the Capital Markets and a New Hedging Tool for the Insurance Industry
Chapter 12. Litzenberger, Robert, David Beaglehole and Craig Reynolds, 1996, "Assessing Catastrophe Reinsurance-Linked Securities as a New Asset Class
Chapter 13. Tomas, Michael J. III, 1998, "A Note on Pricing PCS Single-Event Options
Chapter 14. Geman, Hélyette, 1999, "The High-Yield Bond Market: Catastrophe Bonds Versus Default Bonds
Chapter 15. Lane, Morton and Oleg Movchan, 1995, The Perfume of the Premium II
Chapter 16. Gail Belonsky, 1999, "Insurance-Linked Securities.
Chapter 17. Briys, Eric, 1998, "Pricing Mother Nature

Section 3: Weather Derivatives

Chapter 18. Ramamurtie, Sailesh, 1999, Weather Derivatives and Hedging Weather Risks
Chapter 19. Clemmons Lynda, Hrgovcic, Joseph, Kaminski, Vince, 1999, Weather Derivatives: Hedging Mother Nature
Chapter 20. Dischel, Bob, 1999, A Weather Risk Management Choice: Hedging with Degree-day Derivatives
Chapter 21. Geman, Hélyette, 1999, "The Bermuda Triangle: Weather, Electricity and Insurance Derivatives"
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