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Getting Even. The Truth About Workplace Revenge--And How to Stop It

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Praise for Getting Even

"Getting Even isn′t just the most useful and engaging book ever written on revenge in the workplace. It is the best book I′ve ever read about the root causes of destructive workplace behaviors and how to stop the vicious circles that hurt so many people and organizations."
Robert Sutton, professor, Stanford University and author, The No Asshole Rule

"Getting Even helps the reader address thorny organizational problems caused by the human desire for revenge. Leaders and managers in all organizations will benefit from the insights and practical recommendations for preventing or limiting the problems of revenge. Thus, Getting Even will help its readers manage the most common, if not only, cause of destructive conflict in organizations."
David E. Morrison, MD, management consultant, Morrison Associates, Ltd.

"Getting Even provides managers with the ability to see acts of revenge as signals about what ails their organization. Tripp and Bies provide an insightful framework that explains why ordinary employees engage in extraordinary acts of revenge. They convincingly document that revenge is typically not the act of the irrational few, but is the situationally–created behavior of normal human beings."
Max H. Bazerman, Straus Professor, Harvard University and coauthor, Negotiation Genius

"I′ve used the valuable insights revealed in this book to counsel and advise all manner of clients including managers, small–business owners, human resources professionals, labor professionals, and employees. Understanding and implementing these concepts will undoubtedly improve every employment relationship. This book is a must–read!"
Janet E. Taylor, attorney at law, focusing on employment and labor

"Let′s face it, we′ve all been there. Someone took the promotion that you deserved, put their name on the report that you did, belittled someone to the point of tears, or worse yet, drove you to tears. When these situations hit, you′re usually less worried about getting ahead and more interested in getting even. But does revenge really solve anything? Thomas Tripp and Robert Bies have provided a practical guide for managers and individuals to understand the many causes of revenge, who is most likely to commit an act of revenge, and how to spot and defuse it before it happens."
Jon V. Peters, president, The Institute for Management Studies

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1. An Introduction to Revenge in the Workplace.

2. Peering into the Soul of Discontent: The Phenomenon of Revenge.

3. Three Triggers of Revenge: Why People Try to Get Even.

4. You Started It! The Mind Game Inside the Blame Game.

5. "I′m as Mad as Hell and I m not Going to Take It Anymore!": Understanding the Motivating Power of Righteous Anger.

6. You Started It But I ll Finish It! How People Get Even.

7. Preventing Revenge Before It Happens: Practical Advice for Managers And Would–Be Avengers.

8. Moving Beyond Revenge: Don t Get Mad, Don t Get Even Get Ahead.



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"Getting Even...will disabuse you of many of the ways you think of revenge. The book is filled with stories of revenge, and many readers will find themselves feeling more sympathy for the person seeking revenge than the person on the receiving end– in fact, you might, like me, unexpectedly find yourself sometimes cheering the revenge–seekers on. The book is a nice mix of the academic and the populist [and] has so many anecdotes, it is very easy reading. It will alert you to the real story of revenge in your workplace – perhaps even remind you of some of your own efforts to get even – and hammer home that revenge is an everyday occurrence when injustices are allowed to occur."Globe and Mail, April 22, 2009

"Don′t buy this book if you think it′s a good source of really devilish and totally untraceable ways to get the revenge you so totally deserve the authors seem intent in decreasing the amount of revenge that gets expressed in our daily work lives. Managers, too, will learn how to nip workplace revenge in the bud "
Work Daze, February 19, 2009

"The authors find that, for many, workplace revenge is about justice and restoring the balance of what they think is fair and right. The duo offers managers advice on how they can prevent their employees from seeking revenge. Grounded in 15 years of research, including more than 500 interviews with managers and workers about on–the–job revenge and retaliation, Bies and Tripp use lively anecdotes to illustrate the ways in which employees get even."
Georgetown University s Blue and Gray, February 23, 2009

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