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Getting the Second Appointment. How to CLOSE Any Sale in Two Calls!

  • ID: 2210396
  • Book
  • March 2004
  • 272 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
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Praise for Getting the SECOND APPOINTMENT

"Another great book from Tony Parinello! If you′ve ever lost a sale between your initial presentation and the second visit where you get their approval on the paperwork, this book is for you! Learn how to keep more of the sales you thought you made."
Tom Hopkins, sales trainer and author of How to Master the Art of Selling

"Finally, here is a powerful, practiced, no–nonsense book that tells you exactly what to do and say to make more sales faster. A masterpiece!"
Brian Tracy, author of Create Your Own Future

"Tony Parinello′s new book, Getting the Second Appointment is terrific. It is jam packed with solid sales strategies and tactical tips that will improve any sales professional′s top line!"
Don Hutson, CEO, U.S. Learning and author of The Sale

"This is Tony at his best nonstop and high value."
Dave Stein, author of How Winners Sell

"Tony′s style and approach has made him one of the most popular speakers, radio hosts, and authors. Through his book, he deftly teaches the salesperson what to ask, say, and when to say it in order to get the second appointment and effectively perform the two–call close."
Dave Mattson, VP Sales, Sandler Sales Institute

"Tony Parinello has done it again! Another original book full of practical examples, useful step–by–step strategies, and compelling insights to help salespeople be more successful. This book has a wonderful mix of practical examples and interconnected sales principles drawn from the author′s extensive experience in the sales profession that anyone can relate to and immediately apply to their sales approach."
Madelyn Burley–Allen, President, Dynamics of Human Behavior

"If you need bigger sales in the shortest possible time while getting customers to love and trust you for life, then Tony Parinello is the only author who can guarantee you will reach your goals."
Nance Rosen, author of Why Customers Buy

"After reading Getting the Second Appointment, I′m convinced that if I had had this information when I started my business in 1987, we would be hundreds of thousands of dollars richer today. This is a wonderful, clearly laid out, step–by–step system for anyone who wants to build lifelong, profitable relationships with their customers. Tony really demystifies what it takes to be successful in selling. Valuable for both start–ups and mature businesses, this book should be in the library of every entrepreneur."
Susan Berkley, President, The Great Voice Company, Inc., and author of Speak to Influence: How to Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Voice

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CHAPTER 1: Success and Your Sales Career.

The Complacency Challenge.

A Word about Self–Sabotage.

To the Importance of Overcoming Success Phobias.

Take a Deep Breath . . . .

Change the Message, Change the Results!

Mastering the Process and Getting the Appointment!

Here s Our Starting Point.

Keep Your Commitments.

CHAPTER 2: Who s Who in Your Target Organization?

Target People with Influence.

Target People with Authority.

Target People with the Authority to Approve.

Second Meetings and the Trilogy of Your Sales Cycle.

Reality Check: Your Hottest Prospect.

CHAPTER 3: Four Categories.

Silent Adversaries, Silent Allies.

The Role of the Recommender.

The Influencer s Role.

The Decision Maker s Role.

The Approver s Role.

Lock in What You ve Learned.

CHAPTER 4: Selling Across the Enterprise.

Principle 1: Think Outside the Owner s Manual.

Principle 2: Invest Your Time Intelligently.

Principle 3: Think Lifetime Value By Aligning Your Sales Process to the Organization.

Lock in What You ve Learned.

CHAPTER 5: Pathways to the Right Second Appointment.





CHAPTER 6: Building a Foundation.


The Ultimate Sales TIP.

TIP Step One.

TIP Step Two.

A TIP Example.

Don t Leave Home (or Your Off ice) Without It.

Lock in What You ve Learned.

CHAPTER 7: Putting It All Together.

What We Know for Sure.

Defining the Sales Process.

Your Constant Improvement Campaign (CIC).

A Thing of Beauty.

Time to Revenue.

Managing Your Process, Not Your Time.

Priority One: Revenue Activity.

Priority Two: Conversion Activity.

Priority Three: Sponsorship Activity.

Lock in What You ve Learned.

CHAPTER 8: The Five Deadly Sins of Appointment Setting.

Sin Number One: Talking, Not Speaking.

Sin Number Two: Using Bad Language.

Sin Number Three: Monopolizing the Conversation.

Sin Number Four: Stretching the Truth.

Sin Number Five: Being a Space Invader.

Lock in What You ve Learned.

CHAPTER 9: Points of Entry.

Interacting with the Recommender.

When Posing Questions to a Recommender.

Interacting with the Influencer.

Key Winning Results for the Influencer.

When Posing Questions to an Influencer.

Interacting with the Decision Maker.

When Posing Questions to a Decision Maker.

Interacting with the Approver.

When Posing Questions to an Approver.

The Best Call You Can Make.

CHAPTER 10: 10 Principles for Delivering More Second Appointments.

A True Story about Effective Targeting on the First Appointment.

Another True Story about Effective Targeting on the First Appointment.

Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone.

CHAPTER 11: Three Strategies to Appointment Success.

Key #1: Establishing Your Target and Building Credibility before Your First Appointment.

Key #2: Know How to Build Rapport with Your Prospect.

Key #3: Determining Your Contact s Criteria for Evaluating Your Message.

Matching the Criteria.

Lock in What You ve Learned.

CHAPTER 12: Your Appointment Agendas.




Benef its.

What s Next?

First–Appointment Issues for the Recommender.

First–Appointment Issues for the Influencer.

First–Appointment Issues for the Decision Maker and the Approver.

Your Appointment Matrix.

Lock in What You ve Learned.

CHAPTER 13: Your Four Goals for the First Meeting.

Tell Em, Sell Em.

What Should You Try to Accomplish during the First Appointment?

Entrances and Exits.

Do Logo Gifts Really Deliver Customers? Two True Stories.

CHAPTER 14: Presenting Your Ideas with Conviction.

Your Convictions Must Be Convincing.

Eight Habits of Highly Committed Salespeople.

Don t Get Carried Away by Your Confidence (A True Story).

Patience Is a (Sales) Virtue!

CHAPTER 15: Going Past the Sale.

Play It Cool with Recommenders.

Play It Cool with Influencers.

Play It Cool with Decision Makers.

Play It Cool with Approvers.

Now, You Give It a Try.

CHAPTER 16: Needs and Wants.

Questions to Ask Yourself.

Studying Needs.

Uncovering Needs with the Approver (Typically a Driver Personality).

Uncovering Needs with the Decision Maker (Typically an Expressive Personality).

Uncovering Needs with the Influencer (Typically an Analytic Personality).

Uncovering Needs with the Recommender (Often an Amiable Personality).

What Happens Next?

Mind the GAP.

What Else Goes with the GAP Analysis?

Lock in What You ve Learned.

CHAPTER 17 The Rules of Correspondence.

Recommender: Write from Functions to Features.

Influencer: Write from Features to Functions.

Decision Maker: Write from Advantages to Benefits.

Approver: Write from Benefits to Advantages.

Putting Postage on Your Correspondence.

Lock In What You ve Learned.

CHAPTER 18: Keys to Telephone Success.

General Observations.

Lock In What You ve Learned.

CHAPTER 19: The First Appointment Tactical Approaches.

Reality Check.

What to Say.

Do You See What s Happening Here?

What If the Approver Picks up the Phone?

If You Get Dumped into Voice Mail.

The Squeeze Play.

The Third–Party Introduction.

Tactical Air Support from Your CEO, President, or Owner.

Lock In What You ve Learned.

CHAPTER 20: Action Items Windows on the Second Appointment.

Action Items for Recommenders.

Action Items for Influencers.

Action Items for Decision Makers.

Action Items for Approvers.

Practice Makes Patience.

CHAPTER 21: The 10 Powers.

Are You Ready?

The 10 Power Steps.

Lock In What You ve Learned.


A Special Offer.

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Anthony Parinello
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown