Overcoming Resistant Personality Disorders. A Personalized Psychotherapy Approach

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A revolutionary, personalized psychotherapy approach for the treatment of Axis II personality disorders, by renowned expert Dr. Theodore Millon

Acknowledging the primacy of the whole person, Overcoming Resistant Personality Disorders: A Personalized Psychotherapy Approach takes into account all of the complexities of human nature—family influences, culture, neurobiological processes, unconscious memories, and so on—illustrating that no part of human nature should lie outside the scope of a clinician′s regard.

Part of a three–book series, this book provides you with a unique combination of conceptual background and step–by–step practical advice to guide your treatment of Axis II personality disorders.

Detailed case studies are provided throughout the text to illustrate the strategies of personalized psychotherapy for:

  • The Needy/Dependent Prototype

  • The Sociable/Histrionic Prototype

  • The Confident/Narcissistic Prototype

  • The Nonconforming/Antisocial Prototype

  • The Assertive/Sadistic Prototype

  • The Conscientious/Compulsive Prototype

  • The Skeptical/Negativistic Prototype

Destined to become an essential reference for trainees and professionals, this book makes a revolutionary call to return therapy to the natural reality of each patient′s life, seamlessly guiding you in understanding the personality and treatment of the whole, unique, yet complex person.

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Part One.

Chapter 1 Personalized Psychotherapy: A Recapitulation.

Part Two.

Chapter 2 Personalized Therapy for the Needy/Dependent Personality Patterns.

Chapter 3 Personalized Therapy for the Sociable/Histrionic Personality Patterns.

Chapter 4 Personalized Therapy for the Confident/Narcissistic Personality Patterns.

Chapter 5 Personalized Therapy for the Nonconforming/Antisocial Personality Patterns.

Chapter 6 Personalized Therapy for the Assertive/Sadistic Personality Patterns.

Chapter 7 Personalized Therapy for the Conscientious/Compulsive Personality Patterns.

Chapter 8 Personalized Therapy for the Skeptical/Negativistic Personality Patterns.



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"deals with the more benign resistant disorders such as dependent personality disorder.... excellent examples of the Millonian writing style that will be familiar to his many readers…highly structured, well organized, yet quite readable, offering well–reasoned logic as well as wonderful case examples. The descriptions of the various personality disorders and their subtypes must compete for the absolute best characterizations of those disorders available in the clinical literature....fine work that will engage the reader into process–oriented clinical supervision for the most difficult patients. In our view, they make a major contribution to the treatment planning of character–disordered adolescents and adults." (PsycCRITIQUES, 7/30/08)

"Miller and Grossman summarize the logistics of personalized psychotherapy in the introduction to their book then proceed to demonstrate the usefulness of Personalized Therapy applicable to the different personality patterns. The text is complemented by graphs and tabulations." (The Pediatric Neuropsychologist; 8/07)

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