Matters of Interpretation. Reciprocal Transformation in Therapeutic and Developmental Relationships with Youth

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Matters of Interpretation presents an integrative, self–reflective approach to clinical and counseling psychology and psychosocial inquiry that is based on hermeneutics?the art and science of interpretation. This effective approach?particularly relevant to working with children and adolescents at risk for negative life outcomes?allows for the integration of both the client′s and the therapist′s values in the therapeutic relationship. The goal is a mutually transformative experience that results in increased self–understanding and a deeper therapeutic relationship.
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Introduction: The Forward Arc of Projection.

A Hermeneutic Methodology for Theory, Research, and Practice.

Where We Come From, What We Bring: The Historical and Relational Underpinnings of the Hermeneutic Framework.


Self–Reflection and Mutual Transformation.

Becoming Uncomfortable: Transforming My Praxis (Sharon M. Ravitch).

The Flight of a Black Butterfly: A Hermeneutic Investigation of Metamorphosis (Gregory Seaton).

Another Backward Arc: Further Reflections on "Expert" and "Problem" (Karen E. Liiv).

Fear and Courage: Interpretations from Beyond a Life Half–Lived (Kristin M. Carvill).


Critical Absences and Hidden Influences in Interpretation.

Meaning, Purpose, and Hope: The Case of the Disappearance (Shuna Keenan).

Treading Softly: A Critical Phenomenological Investigation of the Voiceless in the Hermeneutic Circle (Deborah H. Cheng).

The Concealed Influence and Power of Nondirective Counselors (Hugh McDonough).

The Dance of Interpretation: The Dialectic of Loss and Connectedness (Anna Mackey).


"The Rules of the Game" Applied to Play, Power, and Politics.

Language and Politics: Translating the Rules of the Game––Ayer, AHORA y Manana (John Ramirez Jr. & Marco Antonio Bravo).

Entering Play: Lessons of Grief, Joy, and Growth (Tara Edelschick).

What′s Love Got to Do with It? Combining the Influences of Race and Love to Create an Effective Black Counselor (Randy B. Hayward).

Theatrical Dialogue: A Hermeneutic Analysis of Change in One Act (Robert W. Leary).

19. Coming Full Circle: The Return Art of Reflection.
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"The authors have initiated a revolutionary line of inquiry, sure to have a major impact across the full spectrum of fields that care about youth development. This ambitious theory and practice book marks a true innovation in teaching. Students . . . will gain a deeper respect for the developmental challenges and cultural complexities faced by the youth they wish to serve. Faculty and supervisors . . . will be amazed at how much more their students can learn when they are trained to use hermeneutic tools to study and support the lives of children and adolescents in the world." (Robert L. Selman, director, Risk and Prevention Program, and professor of psychology and education, Harvard University)

"How rare it is to open a chapter in a book of psychology and find a compelling story of human experience." (Frank Richardson, associate professor of educational psychology, University of Texas, Austin)
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