Why You're Dumb, Sick and Broke...And How to Get Smart, Healthy and Rich!

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Shocking. Controversial. Brilliant.

Randy Gage has been dubbed "The Millionaire Messiah" because he believes it is a sin to be poor and you were born to be rich. His "Deepak Chopra meets Dennis Miller" style is bold, brash, but right on target if you want to know the secrets of success. He takes timeless universal truths and shows you how to apply them in today′s complex world.

This book is not warmed–over, New Age mumbo–jumbo but scathing, straight talk on what it really takes to wise up, get healthy, and get rich! Gage is controversial, politically incorrect, and not afraid to take on some of the most hallowed institutions of our day, from organized religion to government, pop culture to the food you eat.

This thought–provoking book will challenge your beliefs, confront your fears, and if you are open to it show you how to get smart, healthy, and rich!

Gage on:

The Late Pope:
"Like most religious leaders, his actions actually worked to keep his followers dumb, sick, and broke. He leaves behind a legacy of poverty, ignorance, and despair."

". . . are corrupt by their very nature. Your government wants and needs you to be a worker drone in the collective support system in harvesting wealth from the productive people and distributing it to the unproductive which solidifies their power base."

"Your highest moral prerogative is your own happiness."

The American Diet:
"Ninety percent of what most of us eat on a daily basis is now ′fake food.′"

Religious Beliefs:
"Most people subscribe to the cosmic Santa Claus theory, believing in a God who is making a list and checking it twice, gonna find out who′s naughty and nice."

The Movie Titanic:
"It panders to the fear–based, lack–centered, and limiting beliefs that most people have about money and success. Titanic programs you on many different levels that it is noble to be poor, rich people are immoral, and money is evil. And the more you liked that movie the more subconscious lack programming you have. I think it′s the most evil movie ever made."

People Whose Life Purpose Is to "Serve God":
"Ought to be in a straightjacket."

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Acknowledgments vii

Chapter 1 Memes and Manipulation: The Battle for Control of Your Mind 1

Chapter 2 Hope, Dope, and the Pope: The Battle for Control of Your Spirit 31

Chapter 3 Junk Food Junkies: The Battle for Control of Your Body 41

Chapter 4 Letting Go of Victimhood 53

Chapter 5 The Metaphysical Element of Getting Rich 69

Chapter 6 Creating Your Prosperity Mind–Set 81

Chapter 7 The Universal Laws that Govern Prosperity 97

Chapter 8 The Greatest Prosperity Secret 121

Chapter 9 The Merits of Selfishness 137

Chapter 10 Philosophy for a Prosperous Life 165

Chapter 11 Putting It All Together for Health, Happiness, and Prosperity 183

Resources 195

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Randy Gage
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