Questions That Get Results. Innovative Ideas Managers Can Use to Improve Their Teams' Performance

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Ask the right questions and getimproved employee performance!

Are you tired of asking questions that seem to disempower rather than motivate your employees? Do you struggle to have effective face– to–face communication with your employees in this age of truncated and abbreviated messages? Would you like to ask the right questions to help you hire and retain the best talent?

Questions That Get Results is a powerful resource that provides managers with the questions that lead to real answers for motivating employees, minimizing conflicting priorities, maximizing working relationships, building trust, holding the team accountable, coaching for greater performance, selling ideas, creating change, and negotiating solutions to internal and external conflicts. If you′re a manager who would like to ask the right questions that will get you great results, this book is for you.

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Chapter 1: Questions That Get Results.

Chapter 2: Questions That Manage Your Team.

Chapter 3: Questions That Delegate.

Chapter 4: Questions That Coach.

Chapter 5: Questions That Motivate.

Chapter 6: Questions That Hire.

Chapter 7: Questions That Uncover Goals.

Chapter 8: Questions That Manage Across.

Chapter 9: Questions That Manage Upwards.

Chapter 10: Questions That Develop and Sustain External Business Relationships.

Chapter 11: Questions That Manage Your Career.

Chapter 12: Questions That Assess Opportunities.

Chapter 13: Questions That Manage Your Relationships with Your Kids.



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Paul Cherry is founder and Managing Partner at Performance Based Results, an executive sales and leadership development organization. He has worked with 1,200 clients to date and is a recognized authority on client/employee engagement strategies. He is the author ofQuestions That Sell: The Powerful Process for Discovering What Your Customer Really Wants.

Patrick Connor is Managing Partner at Performance Based Results and has worked with more than 100,000 individuals in twelve countries. Patrick′s expertise is in executive development and corporate sales training. His personal mission is to help people throughout the world live more profitable and productive lives.

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