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Archi–Toons. Funniness, Comedy & Delight

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Political humor, lawyer jokes, and corporate cartoons demonstrate the fun in laughing at one s self (or profession). Unfortunately, the design profession does not have a cartoon to call its own
until now. 20 years in the path and practice of the architectural profession, in large offices and small, have provided architect Rick Bynum, AIA, the creator and illustrator of
Archi–Toons , with ample fodder.

These original cartoons explore the lighter side of architecture, design and the construction industry via satire, witty observation and sometimes a little political commentary. The stereotypical professional, the contractor, the developer, the academic role model, the public s perception of the architectural craft as well as many long–standing icons of the design industry are all "celebrated" in the broadest sense of the word.

Looking at the world of architecture through the eyes of Rick Bynum will not only make you laugh. His wit and humor resonate with his love for architecture and serve as steadfast testimony to his personal endearment to his chosen career as an architect.

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About the author.

111 pages of Cartoons.

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RICK BYNUM, AIA is the founder and principal of Bynum Architecture in Greenville, South Carolina. He is an active member of the American Institute of Architects and has authored numerous articles for newspapers, journals and AIA publications. He is co–author with Daniel L Rubino ofThe Handbook of Alternative Materials in Residential Construction (McGraw–Hill, 1998), and author ofThe Architect s Planner 2000 (McGraw–Hill, 1999) andThe Handbook of Residential Insulation (McGraw–Hill, 2000).
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