The Top 10 Distinctions Between Winners and Whiners

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Praise for The Top 10 Distinctions Between WINNERS and WHINERS

"This little book tells you exactly how winners think and what we do to win. It clearly communicates powerful principles that can help you create a more meaningful life."
Nido Qubein, President, High Point University

"This little gem is a great tool to help people develop a healthy ′winner′s mentality′ and position themselves to reap great benefits!"
Rick and Beckee VanWagner, The Family Christian Center

"This book is a gem because not only is it packed with insight but it can be read in about an hour. I have sent it to ALL of my clients as a gift and they loved it."
Lee Milteer, author of Success Is An Inside Job

"This is a powerful book that will have an incredible impact on your thinking and your life! If you read it, you will recommend it to everyone you know!"
Willie Jolley, bestselling author of Turn Setbacks into Greenbacks

"The wisdom in this book is EXACTLY what is needed to assist anyone to win in life!"
Glen Kaplan, CEO and founder of

"Everyone loves a winner, and you have one in this gem of a book. I recommend it highly!"
Greg S. Reid, author, speaker, and filmmaker

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A Note on the Order of the Distinctions.

Distinction 10.

Winners take responsibility.

Whiners play the victim.

Distinction 9.

Winners can have what they want.

Whiners want what they cannot have.

Distinction 8.

Winners find a way.

Whiners find an excuse.

Distinction 7.

Winners brighten a room by entering.

Whiners brighten a room by leaving.

Distinction 6.

Winners listen twice as much as they talk.

Whiners talk twice as much as they listen.

Distinction 5.

Winners enjoy life′s journeys.

Whiners put their joy in the destinations.

Distinction 4.

Winners build friendships.

Whiners destroy friendships.

Distinction 3.

Winners think big.

Whiners think small.

Distinction 2.

Winners are focus–minded.

Whiners are scatterbrained.

Distinction 1.

Winners create positive meanings.

Whiners create negative meanings.

What Now?

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KEITH CAMERON SMITH is an entrepreneur and a professional speaker. For almost twenty years he has been living and teaching the principles and perspectives that have allowed him to win many victories in his professional and personal life. Keith previously hosted his own radio show and inspired thousands of listeners each week to take action and achieve their goals. He has spoken hundreds of times to audiences of all sizes around the world and has received thousands of testimonials from his growing fan base, who are creating more meaningful and successful lives by putting his message into practice.
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