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Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education. New Edition

  • ID: 2211478
  • Book
  • May 2010
  • 768 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
For nearly seventy years, the handbooks of adult and continuing education have been definitive references on the best practices, programs, and institutions in the field. Adult education scholars, program administrators, and teachers have depended on these rich handbooks to develop or refine their own understanding and approaches to everyday practice. In this new edition, over sixty leading authorities share their diverse perspectives in a single volume exploring significant issues that affect the study and practice of adult and continuing education today.

Using a critically reflective approach, this edition differs from its predecessors by combining the results of formal investigation with the wisdom of practical experience. The authors present multiple insights and observations to help adult educators make informed choices in a profession that has become enormously challenging and complex. The chapters cover a wealth of topics, including:

  • The role of critical reflection in professional practice
  • Linking adult learning to context
  • Learning from experience
  • Adult learning for self–development
  • Race and culture in adult learning
  • Perspectives on teaching adults
  • Planning and administering adult educational programs
  • Technology and distance learning
  • Adult literacy and English–as–a–second–language
  • Adult education and human resource development
  • Learning in the workplace
  • Continuing professional education
  • Adult education for community action and development
  • Adult education in corrections, the military, cooperative extension, higher education, community colleges, religious settings, and other contexts
  • Adult education for older adults, adults in urban contexts, formal mentoring programs, prior learning assessment for experienced adults, and other audiences
  • Policies, politics, and philosophies in adult education
  • Constructing knowledge for and about adult education
  • The professionalization of adult education and its role in "learning societies"

It has been over ten years since the last Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education investigated the practical and academic dimensions of the field. Much more than a catalogue of theory and historical facts, this new edition strongly reflects the values of a field dedicated to promoting social and educational opportunity for learners and to sustaining fair and ethical practices. It is a long–awaited resource that brings fresh advice and strategies to thoughtful adult educators, administrators, and scholars.

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The Editors.



1 A Selective History of the Adult Education Handbooks (A. L. Wilson and E. R. Hayes).

2 On Thought and Action in Adult and Continuing Education (A. L. Wilson and E. R. Hayes).

3 The Concept of Critically Reflective Practice (Stephen D. Brookfield).


4 Linking the Individual Learner to the Context of Adult Learning (Rosemary Caffarella and Sharan B. Merriam).

5 Learning from Experience in Adult Education (Nod Miller).

6 Adult Learning for Self–Development and Change (Mark Tennant).

7 Moving Beyond a Unitary Self: A Reflective Dialogue (M. Carolyn Clark and John M. Dirkx).

8 Discourses and Cultures of Teaching (Daniel D. Pratt and Tom Nesbit).

9 Different Perspectives on Teaching for Critical Consciousness (Elizabeth J. Tisdell, Mary Stone Hanley, and Edward W. Taylor).

10 The Invisible Politics of Race in Adult Education (Juanita Johnson–Bailey and Ronald M. Cervero).

11 Cultures of Transformation (Ann K. Brooks).

12 Planning Educational Programs (Thomas J. Sork).

13 From Functionalism to Postmodernism in Adult Education Leadership (Joe F. Donaldson and Paul Jay Edelson).

14 Adult Education and Democracy: Reclaiming Our Voice through Social Policy (B. Allan Quigley).

15 Adult Learning and Technology (Carol E. Kasworm and Carroll A. Londoner).


16 Adult Literacy (Eunice N. Askov).

17 Adult Basic Education and the Crisis of Accountability (Barbara Sparks and Elizabeth A. Peterson).

18 Moving Beyond Performance Paradigms in Human Resource Development (Laura L. Bierema).

19 Putting Meaning into Workplace Learning (Tara J. Fenwick).

20 Adult Education, Communication, and the Global Context (Linda Ziegahn).

21 Adult Education for Community Action (D. Merrill Ewert and Kristen A. Grace).

22 Adult Education in Rural Community Development (Lilian H. Hill and Allen B. Moore).

23 Exploring "Community" in Community College Practice (Iris M. Weisman and Margie S. Longacre).

24 Continuing Professional Education (Donna S. Queeney).

25 Control and Democracy in Adult Correctional Education (Howard S. Davidson).

26 Cooperative Extension (Glenn J. Applebee).

27 Distance Education for Lifelong Learning (Chere Campbell Gibson).

28 English as a Second Language in Adult Education (Richard A. Orem).

29 Adult Learners in Higher Education (Carol E. Kasworm, Lorilee R. Sandmann, and Peggy A. Sissel).

30 Contributions of the Military to Adult and Continuing Education (Steve F. Kime and Clinton L. Anderson).

31 Older Adult Learning (James C. Fisher and Mary Alice Wolf).

32 Formal Mentoring Programs (Catherine A. Hansman).

33 Prior Learning Assessment: The Quiet Revolution (Alan M. Thomas).

34 A Postmodern Approach to Adult Religious Education (Leona M. English and Marie A. Gillen).

35 Urban Contexts for Adult Education Practice (Barbara J. Daley, James C. Fisher, and Larry G. Martin).


36 Adult Education and Society (Thomas W. Heaney).

37 A Sociology of Adult Education (Phyllis M. Cunningham).

38 The Politics of Knowledge Construction (David Deshler and Nancy Grudens–Schuck).

39 Evolving Directions in Professionalization and Philosophy (Ronald Podeschi).

40 Defining the Profession: A Critical Appraisal (Susan Imel, Ralph G. Brockett, and Waynne Blue James).

41 The Learning Society (John Holford and Peter Jarvis).

42 Reflections on the Field (E. R. Hayes and A. L. Wilson).

Resource: Contents of Past Handbooks.

Handbook of Adult Education in the United States (1934).

Handbook of Adult Education in the United States (1936).

Adult Education in Action (1936).

Handbook of Adult Education in the United States (1948).

Handbook of Adult Education in the United States (1960).

Handbook of Adult Education (1970).

Adult Education Association Handbook Series in Adult Education.

Building an Effective Adult Education Enterprise (1980).

Changing Approaches to Studying Adult Education (1980).

Developing, Administering, and Evaluating Adult Education (1980).

Redefining the Discipline of Adult Education (1980).

Serving Personal and Community Needs through Adult Education (1980).

Comparing Adult Education Worldwide (1981).

Examining Controversies in Adult Education (1981).

Preparing Educators of Adults (1981).

Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education (1989).

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Subject Index.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Arthur L. Wilson
Elisabeth Hayes
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown