Leadership and Spirit. Breathing New Vitality and Energy into Individuals and Organizations. J-B CCL (Center for Creative Leadership)

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In a world where individuals too often feel spent and uninspired on the job, leadership that fails to incorporate the invigorating power of spirit is nothing short of incomplete. Leadership and Spirit gives all of us the perspective and guidance we need to invest ourselves, our fellow workers, and our entire organizations with the essential sense of purpose, commitment, and fulfillment that spirit can confer.

Author Russ Moxley of the Center for Creative Leadership shows leaders at all levels how they can link leadership and spirit to spawn a more vibrant and essential brand of leadership–one that, in turn, promotes the creativity, vitality, and well–being of others.

Basing his advice on nearly thirty years of work with hundreds of executives and managers in all kinds of organizations, Moxley encourages readers to elevate their understanding of leadership practice and embrace the concept of leadership as partnership—a model that involves all employees at various times. This model, he maintains, will help everyone concerned find new meaning and satisfaction in their work. And he offers specific suggestions on who each of us must be and what each of us must do in order to make partnerships work.

Here, Moxley explains what spirit is and shows why leadership and spirit must be woven together. He analyzes prevalent leadership practices and demonstrates how many of those practices cause spirit to whither and wane. He focuses on the skills and behaviors that give voice to our true selves and increase our capacity to engage in the activity of leadership. And he demonstrates how spirited leadership serves to create a totally engaged workforce; one that brings the whole person–mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual–to work.

Most of us have experienced the difference and realized the impact it can have on individuals and organizations: Leadership can be practiced in ways that either suffocate the spirit or liberate its boundless potential. Leadership and Spirit helps us choose the latter.

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Preface: A Story about this Book.

The Authors.


Weaving Together Leadership and Spirit.

Understanding and Experiencing Spirit.

Leadership That Constrains Spirit.

An Inspiriting Alternative: Partnership.


Who Are We to Be?

Developing Our Inner Life.

What Are We to Do?

Fostering Community.

Epilogue: Rewriting the End of Our Story.


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"Leadership and Spirit is a clear and insightful roadmap to bringing vitality and hope back into our institutions. It will renew your capacity to create harmony between your own values and how your bring leadership to work."(Peter Block, author, Stewardship and Flawless Consulting)

"Insightful and convincing. Russ Moxley demonstrates persuasively that inspiring people to innovate and be creative is key to success in the knowledge era, and shows how leaders can achieve this by understanding people′s need for meaning and for purpose."(Sally Helgesen, author, The Web of Inclusion and The Female Advantage)

"Russ Moxley combines state–of–the–art knowledge of leadership with a profound and courageous personal spirituality to achieve an inspiring new way of talking about leadership. Anyone who thinks it has all been said already needs to read this book."(Peter Vaill, author, Spirited Leading and Learning)

"Leadership and Spirit is a must–read for everyone who truly cares about the well–being of people and organizations. This book is the real deal."(Larry C. Spears, CEO, The Greenleaf Center for Servant–Leadership)
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