Learning and Development. Making Connections to Enhance Teaching

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Comprehensive yet easy to follow, Learning and Development is designed to help faculty, student affairs professionals, and other educators understand how students learn and what they can do to foster student achievement. Sharon Silverman and Martha Casazza reveal how diverse developmental needs such as lack of self–esteem or cultural alienation can be at the root of a student′s learning difficulties. They draw from the latest theory and research to explore the critical connection between learning and development in six key areas: self and identity, motivation, interaction with the environment, ways of knowing, learning styles and preferences, and self–regulation and goal setting. The authors also present six case studies to show how educators can assess and resolve learning problems while enriching and advancing their own teaching expertise. Written in clear, nontechnical language, Learning and Development provides useful, systematic approaches for making connections between teaching and learning.
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Today′s Learners.

Theories of Personal Development and Learning.

Theories Related to Cognitive Development and Learning.

A Framework for Effective Practice.


Self and Identity.


Interaction with the Environment.

Ways of Knowing.

Learning Styles and Preferences.

Self–Regulation and Goal Setting.


Critical Reflection on Practice.

Educator as Innovator, Researcher, and Change Agent.
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"The authors pull off an impressive double. They synthesize an enormous amount of relevant research on learning and development while also making clear the connections this research has for practice. Written in a helpful and accessible style, and full of case studies, applications, instruments, and vignettes of practice, the book will be an invaluable resource for college teachers at any level." (Stephen Brookfield, Distinguished Professor, University of St. Thomas)

"Effectively integrating the perspectives of a director of a university learning assistance center and a scholar in the area of developmental education, Silverman and Casazza have written an important book. It should be read by anyone concerned with the academic success of the increasingly diverse population of undergraduates in colleges and universities." (Ernest Pascarella, Petersen Professor of Higher Education, University of Iowa)

"This book is unique in its excellent coverage of learning and developmental theory and research and how it applies to practice. Recommended for college teachers in all disciplines who wish to improve their pedagogical skills and enhance student learning." (Nancy J. Evans, associate professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and coordinator, Higher Education Program, Iowa State University)
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