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TMS 2010 139th Annual Meeting and Exhibition. Supplemental Proceedings Materials Characterization, Computation, Modeling and Energy. Volume 2

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This volume contains a collection of papers from seven symposia, related to materials characterization, computation and modeling, held at the TMS 2010 Annual Meeting in Seattle, Washington, February 14–18, 2010.

The symposia include:

  • Global Innovations in Photovoltaics and Thermoelectrics
  • Solar Cell Silicon: Production and Recycling
  • Manufacturing Issues in Fuel Cells
  • Applicable Computing Technologies in Heat Treating
  • Computational Thermodynamics and Kinetics
  • Synergies of Computational and Experimental Materials Science
  • Progress in Computational MSE Education
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The Vasek Vitek Honarary Symposium on Crystal Defects, Computational Materials Science and Applications.

Pushing Boundaries: Symposium Honors the Contributions of Vasek Vitek.

Dislocations I.

Dislocation Nucleation and Re–Ordering of Bicrystal Interfaces (G. Tucker, and D. McDowell).

Mechanical Properties.

Breakdown of Relationship between Chemichal Bonding and Deformation Behavior in Crystalline Materials (P. Panfilov, Y. Gornostyrev, and A. Kuznetsov).

Transitions of Dislocation Glide to Twinning and Shear Transformation in Shock–Deformed Tantalum (L. Hsiung, G. Campbell, and J. McNaney).

Multiscale Modeling of Thin Films: Linking Dislocation Dynamics with Macroscopic Mechanical Behavior (R. Fertig, and S. Baker).

Crystal Defects and Mechanical Properties.

The Strength and Deformation of Gum Metak (J. Morris, E. Withey, R. Sankaran, A. Minor, and D. Chrzan).

Deformation of Preciptate Platelets in High Strength Aluminum Alloys under High Strain–Rate Compression (K. El–Khodary, W. Lee, L. Sun, B. Cheeseman, D. Brenner, and M. Zikry).

Propagation of Shear Transformation Zone at Sound Velocity in Metallic Glass (S. Takeuchi, Y. Kamimura, T. Yoshihara, and K. Edagawa).

Dislocations II.

Dislocation Statistics in FCC Crystals (M. Mohamed, J. Deng, and A. El–Azab).

Poster Session.

Dislocation–based Modeling of Yield Strength of Multilayer Thin Films with Nanoscale Microstructures (Q. Li).

Thermodynamic Study of the Neptunium–Zirconium System (S. Bajaj, A. Garay, R. Arroyave, C. Sevik, T. Cagin, and P. Turchi).

Advanced Materials and Fuels Enabling Future Fusion, Fission and Hybrid Reactor Systems.

Session I.

Interatomic Forces in Stainless Steels (G. Ackland, and D. Hepburn).

TEM Study of Oxide Nanoparticles in ODS Steels Developed for Radiation Tolerance (L. Hsiung, M. Fluss, J. Kuntz, B. El–Dasher, W. Choi, and S. Tumey).

Thermo–Mechanical Response of a TRISO Fuel Particle in a Fusion/Fission Engine for Incineration of Weapons Grade Plutonium (M. Caro, P. DeMange, J. Marian, and A. Caro).

Advances in Composite, Cellular and Natural Materials.

Natural Materials and Polymer Matrix Composites.

Development of Eco–Friendly Brake Friction Composites (Y. Lu, B. Suo, H. Wang, and Y. Lu).

Energy Attenuation Capability of Woven Natural Silk (WNS)/Epoxy Composites Plates Subjected to Drop–Weight Impacts (A. Ude, C. Azhari, and K. Sopian).

Structure and Capability of TiB2/UHMWPE Composite

Shielding Material for Nuclear Radiation (X. Cao, X. Xue, and T. Zhang).

Cellular and Porous Materials.

Mechanical and Biological Properties of Titanium Syntactic Foams (X. Xue, V. Kearns, R. Williams, and Y. Zhao).

Mechanical Properties of LCS Porous Steel: Comparison between the Dissolution and Decomposition Routes (M. Lu, and Y. Zhao).

Metal Foams I.

Formation and Disappearance of Crack–Like Pores for Al Foams Made by PM Route (L. Wang, G. Yao, X. Zhang, Y. Liu, and J. Ma).

Mechanical Damping Properties of Al–Si Closed–Cell Aluminum Foam (Y. Mu, G. Yao, and H. Luo).

Sound Absorption of Closed–cell Aluminum Foam Fabricated by Melt Foaming Route (L. Liang, Y. Mu, L. Wang, Z. Hua, J. Ma, and G. Yao).

Metal Matrix Composites.

Fabrication of Al6061–SiC Composite by a Novel Semisolid Powder Processing (Y. Wu, G. Kim, I. Anderson, and T. Lograsso).

Un–bundled Carbon Nanotubes Reinforced Titanium Composites via Powder Metallurgy Process (K. Kondoh, T. Threrujirapapong, H. Imai, J. Umeda, and B. Fugetsu).

Fabrication of High Strength Pure Ti Matrix Composite Reinforced with Carbon Black Particle via Wet Process (T. Threrujirapapong, K. Kondoh, H. Imai, J. Umeda, and B. Fugetsu).

Microstructural Evaluation of ZrC Reinforced Al–Cu Matrix Alloy Composites Fabricated by Mechanical Alloying and Vacuum Hot Pressing (H. Kaftelen, N. Unlu, M. Ovecoglu, and H. Henein).

Functional Composite Materials.

Extreme Piezoresistivity of Silicone/Nickel Nanocomposites for High Resolution Large Strain Measurement (O. Johnson, G. Kaschner, T. Mason, D. Fullwood, T. Hyatt, B. Adams, and G. Hansen).

Synthesis and Microstructural Evolution of SiC/Si3N4/Si2N2O Nitride Porous Ceramic Composites Processed via HYSYCVD (M. Pech–Canul, and J. Flores–Garcia).

Long Term Thermal Stability of Al2O3 Fiber (Sapphire) Reinforced NiAl Composites (J. Song, W. Hu, and G. Gottstein).

Metal Foams II and Modelling of Composites.

An Accurate and Efficient Method for Constituent–Based Progressive Failure Modeling of a Woven Composite (R. Fertig).

SMT Reflow Jig Material Analysis (X. Ma).

Microstructure in Work–Hardened Micro–Truss Materials Given Post–Forming Annealing Treatments (B. Bouwhuis, U. Klement, and G. Hibbard).

Compressive Properties of Closed–Cell Aluminum Foams Reinforced with Fly Ash Particles (Y. Mu, G. Yao, and H. Luo).

The Influence of Cell Shape Anisotropy on the Compressive Property of Closed–Cell Al–Si Alloy Foam (Y. Mu, and G. Yao).

Study on Compressive Properties of Aluminum Foams Reinforced with Short Copper–Coated Carbon Fibers (J. Du, G. Yao, and Z. Cao).

Research on Aluminum Foam Railway Noise Barrier (L. Liang, G. Yao, L. Wang, Y. Mu, Z. Hua, and J. Ma).

Poster Session.

Effects of Particle Sizes of Titanium Hydride on Cell Structures for Al Foams (L. Wang, G. Yao, H. Luo, L. Liang, J. Ma, and Z. Hua).

On Closed–cell Aluminum Foam Used as Train Floor and Side Plate (L. Liang, G. Yao, Y. Mu, and L. Wang).

Nanocrystalline Al4Si3C6 Formed in Low Temperature Sinter Processing (L. Xiaodan, Z. Yuchun, Q. Feng, and Z. Haixin).

Preparation of Aluminum Matrix Composites Reinforced with Nano–SiC Particles by Stir Casting Technique (L. Xiaodan, Z. Yuchun, Q. Feng, and Z. Haixin).

Effect of Vacuum Degassing on Composites Preparation (C. Dehui, Y. Guangchun, K. Wei, and Z. Xiaoming).

Computational Thermodynamics and Kinetics Phase Field, CALPHAD and Other Modeling Techniques.

A Mixed–mode Model for Precipitation in Al–Mg–Si Alloys (A. Bahrami, A. Miroux, J. Sietsma, and L. Kestens).

Thermodynamics, Structural Properties and Transformation Behavior of CoNiGa Alloys from First Principles (R. Arroyave, A. Junkaew, A. Garay, A. Chari, and C. Yao).

Occupancy Probability of Sublattice Of D022–Ni3V In Ni–Al–V System: Determined by Microscopic Phase Field (J. Zhang, H. Zhuang, and Z. Chen).

Poster Session.

Using Size Distributions for Determining Growth Mechanisms of Grain Boundary Precipitates (S. Northover).

Kinetics of ALN Precipitation in the Ferrite Phase Field of Microalloyed (HSLA) Steels (R. Radis, and E. Kozeschnik).

Modeling of Phase Transformation Behaviors by Cementite Formation at Isothermal Bainite Transformation Region in TRIP–Assisted Steels (B. Park, J. Choi, S. Kim, and K. Lee).

Modeling of Cementite Formation in Extra and Ultra Low Carbon Steels (J. Choi, B. Park, S. Kim, K. Lee, and K. Lee).

Simulation of Decarburizing Depth In AISI 1074 Steel with Spheroidite Microstructure (L. Quan, L. Cerully, and T. Sanders).

Kinetics of Corrosive Defects Formed on Au Substrates Accompanied by Alkanethiol Monolayer Assembly in the Presence of Oxygen (Z. Cao, P. Zeng, X. He, D. Huang, and L. Zhang).

Heterogeneous Nucleation and Initial Microstructure Evolution in Alloys and Colloids.


Study of Heterogeneous Nucleation in High Purity Al–Si Alloys with Sr Addition (P. Schumacher).


Heterogeneous Nucleation in Liquid Immiscible Alloys (M. Koehler, and L. Ratke).

Hume–Rothery Symposium: Configurational Thermodynamics of Materials.

Session V.

Quantitative Phase–field Simulations of Growth and Coarsening in Polycrystalline Multi–component and Multiphase Materials (N. Moelans, L. Vanherpe, J. Heulens, B. Rodiers, B. Blanpain, and P. Wollants).

Materials in Clean Power Systems V: Clean Coal–, Hydrogen Based–Technologies, Fuel Cells, and Materials for Energy Storage.

Materials for Hydrogen Production, Storage, and Distribution.

Hydrogen Storage using Electric Field Enhanced Adsorption (J. Hwang, S. Shi, X. Sun, S. Hackney, and X. Li).

Effect of Hydrogen on the Mechanical Behavior of AISI 4340 and SA372 Steels (A. Saigal, J. Aguaze, G. Leisk, C. Marchi, and D. Matson).


Degradation of SOFC Anodes and SOFC Performance in Coal Syngas Containing Phosphine (H. Finklea, O. Demircan, J. Zondlo, and C. Xu).

Effects of Phosphine on Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Performance and Related Anode Surface Temperature Measurement (H. Guo, G. Iqbal, and B. Kang).

Sintering Performance of YSZ Ceramics with Transition Metal Oxide Sintering Aid (S. Sofie, M. Lifson, and C. Law).

Modeling of Total and Topologically Connected Triple Phase Boundaries in Composite Cathodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (A. Gokhale, and S. Zhang).

Reliability Model for Different Configurations of Planar–SOFC Anode under Syngas Contaminants (G. Iqbal, H. Guo, and B. Kang).


Coating of Dense Oxide Layer on the Fe–Cr Alloys for Interconnects of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (T. Horita, H. Kishimoto, K. Yamaji, M. Brito, and H. Yokokawa).

Interactions between (Mn,Co)3O4 SOFC Interconnect Coating Materials and Chromia (J. Fergus, K. Wang, and Y. Liu).

PEM and Batteries.

Sol–gel Derived Lithium Iron Phosphate Films for Efficient Lithium–ion Intercalation (Y. Liu, D. Liu, Q. Zhang, B. Garcia, and G. Cao).

Nuclear Energy: Processes and Policies.

Material Behavior.

In–plane Anisotropy in Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior of Alloy 617 following High Temperature Aging (K. Mo, G. Lovicu, H. Tung, X. Chen, and J. Stubbins).

Polymer Nanocomposite.

Polymer Nanocomposites: Metals and other Nanoparticles.

Electrical Resistance Investigation of Cotton Fabrics after Treating with Polyaniline Solution (C. Gunesoglu, S. Gunesoglu, S. Wei, and Z. Guo).

Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Polymer Matrix Nanophosphor Composite Scintillators (M. Barta, J. Nadler, and Z. Kang).

Polymer Nanocomposites: Fabrication, Characterization, Modeling and Applications.

Negative Permittivity in Polymer Nanocomposites: Influences of Size Distribution of Carbon Nanofiber Networks (B. Li, and W. Zhong).

Effect of Melt Flow Rate on the Properties of Polypropylene/Bentonite Nanocomposites (T. Alves, L. Carvalho, E. Canedo, P. Cipriano, and V. Fernandes).

Modification of Nanocrystal–Polymer Composite Electrolyte by Ethelene Glycol for Dye–Sensitized Solar Cell (Y. Ying, and G. Xueyi).

Catalytic Reduction of Nitrates using Modified Double Layered Hydroxides (J. Gomes, G. Irwin, K. Das, M. Rahate, D. Tran, and D. Cocke).

Solar Cell Silicon.

Production and Recycling.

Hierarchy of Slurry Recycling Options (W. Radeker).

Stochastic Methods in Materials Research.

Stochastic Methods I: New Algorithms and Model Building.

Fractal Analysis of Microstructural Images for Evaluation of HSLA Steel (M. Tarafder, I. Chattoraj, S. Das, M. Nasipuri, and S. Tarafder).

Monte Carlo Method for Electromagnetic Scattering Incorporating Finite Element Methods to Generate Scatter Sources for Nanoscale Inclusions in Composites (E. Sapper, and B. Hinderliter).

Stochastic Methods II: Property Prediction and Material Design.

Multiscale Entropy Analysis of the Portevin–Le Chatelier Effect in an Al–2.5%Mg Alloy (A. Sarkar, P. Barat, and P. Mukherjee).

Modeling Stochastic Interaction between Fatigue Damage Evolution and Random Heterogeneities (Y. Xue).

Surface Engineering for Amorphous–, Nanocrystalline–, and Bio–Materials.

Session I.

Evolution of Microstructure in Laser Clad Coatings Studied by Orientation Imaging Microscopy (V. Ocelík, I. Furár, and J. Hosson).

Wear Resistance and Adherence of TiO2 Sol–Gel Thin Films (M. Alterach, P. Favilla, M. Rosenberger, A. Ares, and C. Schvezov).

Session II.

Nanostructured Bio–scaffold for Bone Implants, Stents: A Biomedical Evolution (S. Aich, C. Shekhar, and M. Mishra).

Fabrication and Characterization of TiO2 Films on Ti–6Al–4V by Anodic Oxidation (M. Vera, A. Ares, M. Rosenberger, D. Lamas, and C. Schvezov).

Session III.

Surface Amorphization in "Chromium–On–Silicon" System Resulted by Compression Plasma Action (V. Uglov, N. Kvasov, Y. Petukhou, V. Astashynski, and A. Kuzmitski).

Laser and E–Beam Generated Micro–Nanostructures on the Surface of Amorphous Chalcogenide Layers (S. Kokenyesi, V. Takats, I. Chernovich, M. Trunov, A. Csik, and C. Cserhati).

A High Throw Bright Acid Copper for Rack Plating of Printed Circuit Boards (X. Faxin, and S. Xiaoni).

Session IV.

The Effect of Frequency of Microarc Oxidation on Surface Properties of 7075 Aluminum Alloys (S. Bozkus, M. Baydogan, H. Cimenoglu, and E. Kayali).

A Novel High Throw Bright Acid Tin Plating of Printed Circuit Boards (X. Faxin, and S. Xiaoni).

A High Speed Electroless Copper Plating Process of Printed Circuit Board from EDTA 2Na –Containing Solution (X. Faxin, S. Xiaoni, and N. Fei).

Influence of Process Parameters for Electroless Plating Nickel Alloy Nanoparticles on Carbon Fibers (J. Ma, Y. Guangchun, B. Li, Z. Xiao, and M. Junfei).

Thermo–Mechanical Response of Molecular Solids: Multi–Resolution Theory, Simulations, and Experiments.

Molecular Solids II.

Elastic Deformation Mechanics of Cellulose Nanocrystals (X. Wu, R. Wagner, A. Raman, R. Moon, and A. Martini).

Three–Dimensional Materials Science VI.

Three–Dimensional Crystallography and Grain Boundary Analysis.

Crystallographic Orientation Determined from the Pattern of Solidified Structure (H. Esaka, and K. Shinozuka).

Applications of 3D Microstructural Data

3D Characterisation of Fatigue Cracks Using X–Ray Tomography: From Synchrotron to Laboratory Sources (J. Buffiere, N. Limodin, J. Rethoré, W. Ludwig, A. Gravouil, F. Hild, and S. Roux).

Modeling the Effect of Eutectic Nucleation Behavior on Permeability during Solidification of Al–19.5wt%Cu (E. Khajeh, and D. Maijer).

Microstructures Simulation of Magnesium–Based Alloys during Solidification by Phase–Field Method (T. Jing, and M. Wang).

Ultrafine Grained Materials – Sixth International Symposium.


A Study of the Thermal Stability of Nano–Twinned Copper (C. Saldana, S. Suslov, M. Hudspeth, E. Stach, and S. Chandrasekar).

Characterization and Computational Modeling.

Microstructure Evolution through Heavy Compression Aided by Thermodynamic Calculations (F. Hajiakbari, M. Nili–Ahmadabadi, B. Poorganji, and T. Furuhara).

Mechanical Response.

Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Ultrafine Grained Medium Carbon Steel Processed By HPT at Increased Temperature (J. Zrnik, R. Pippan, S. Scheriau, and L. Kraus).

Mechanical Evaluation of Heavily Drawn Fe–Ni–Mn Martensitic Steel (H. Ghasemi–Nanesa, M. Nili–Ahmadabadi, and H. Shirazi).

Processing Technologies.

Mechanical and Dry Sliding Wear Behavior of Ultrafine–Grained AISI 1024 Steel Processed Using Multi Axial Forging (A. Padap, G. Chaudhari, and S. Nath).

Microstructural Evolution.

Recrystallization of Tantalum Processed by Equal Channel

Angular Pressing (J. House, J. Bingert, P. Flater, J. O′Brien, W. Hosford, R. DeAngelis, and R. Harris).

Deformation and Processing Mechanics.

Plastic Deformation in Nanocrystalline and Ultrafine Carbon Steel (R. Rodríguez–Baracaldo, J. Páramo, and J. Marrero).

Applications and Transitions

Processing and Oxidation Resistance of Nanocrystalline Fe–Cr Alloys (R. Gupta, R. Singh, and C. Koch).

Processing–Microstructure–Properties I.

The Brittle–to–Ductile Transition in Severely Deformed Low

Carbon Steel (M. Tanaka, K. Higashida, and T. Shimokawa).

Processing–Microstructure–Properties II.

Implications of Deformation under Constraint in Development of UFG Microstructure in an Austenitic Stainless Steel (C. Gupta, J. Singh, S. Mulki, R. Kapoor, A. Sarkar, I. Samajdar, and J. Chakravartty).

Poster Session.

Influence of Stacking Fault Energy on Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of FCC Metals by Equal Channel Angular Pressing (Y. Zhang, J. Wang, and J. Liu).

Author Index.

Subject Index.

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