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Engage!. The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web. Edition No. 1

  • ID: 2212757
  • Book
  • March 2011
  • 336 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
The ultimate guide to branding and building your business in the era of the Social Web - revised and updated with a Foreword by Ashton Kutcher

Engage! thoroughly examines the social media landscape and how to effectively use social media to succeed in business - one network and one tool at a time. It leads you through the detailed and specific steps required for conceptualizing, implementing, managing, and measuring a social media program. The result is the ability to increase visibility, build communities of loyal brand enthusiasts, and increase profits.

Covering everything you need to know about social media marketing and the rise of the new social consumer, Engage! shows you how to create effective strategies based on proven examples and earn buy-in from your marketing teams. Even better, you'll learn how to measure success and ROI.

  • Introduces you to the psychology, behavior, and influence of the new social consumer
  • Shows how to define and measure the success of your social media campaigns for the short and long term
  • Features an inspiring Foreword by actor Ashton Kutcher, who has more than 5 million followers on Twitter
  • Revised paperback edition brings the book completely up to date to stay ahead of the lightning fast world of social media

Today, no business can afford to ignore the social media revolution. If you're not using social media to reach out to your customers and the people who influence them, who is?

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Foreword Ashton Kutcher xiii

Preface xv

Introduction Welcome to the Revolution xvii

Chapter 1 The Social Media Manifesto 1

The Socialization of Media is Years in the Making 1

The Future of Business is Already Here 3

We are the Champions, We are not Messengers 4

Conversations Happen with or without You 5

Social Media is One Component of a Broader

Communications and Marketing Strategy 6

Building a Bridge between You and Your Customers 7

Being Human versus Humanizing Your Story 8

Social Science is no Longer an Elective 9

You are not Alone 11

Notes 12

Chapter 2 Making the Case for Social Media: The Five Ws+H+E 13

The Rise of Unmarketing 13

People Influence Buying Decisions, Online and Offline 15

The Democratization and Socialization of Branded Media 15

Notes 17

Chapter 3 The New Media University 19

Integrated Marketing: The Tools 19

Defining Social Media 20

When Words Lose Their Meaning 21

Chapter 4 The New Media University 101: Blogs, Podcasts, and Livecasts 25

Blogs 26

Blog Example: Southwest Airlines and Dell 29

Podcasts 30

Podcast Examples: Fidelity Investments 31

Wikis 31

Wiki Example: Oracle 32

Notes 32

Chapter 5 The New Media University 201: Communities, Social Calendars, and Livecasting 33

Crowd-Sourced Content Communities 33

Social Calendars and Events 35

Livecasting 37

Chapter 6 The New Media University 301: Images and Multimedia 39

Images 39

Images Example: JetBlue and the American Red Cross on Flickr 40

Chapter 7 The New Media University 401: Dashboards, Social Networks, and Brands 43

Social Media Dashboards 43

Social Networks 46

Branded and Purpose-Driven Social Networks 47

Branded Social Network Examples: Panasonic Living in HD 48

Chapter 8 The New Media University 501: Microblogs, Monetization, and Twitter 51

Microblogs, Microcommunities 51

Top 10 Monetization Trends for Social Media and Microcommunities 52

Tips for Twitter and Social Media for Socially Savvy Businesses 53

Note 61

Chapter 9 The New Media University 601: Mobile Marketing and Video Broadcasting 63

Geo Location and Mobile Networking 63

Video Broadcast Networks 65

Video Example: Home Depot 69

Chapter 10 The New Media University 701: Social Media Optimization, SEO, and Content Distribution 71

Social Objects 71

Getting Noticed: Social Media Optimization a New Chapter of SEO 73

What is Social Media Optimization? 74

Titles 75

Descriptions 75

Tags 75

Content Distribution 76

Links 77

Liking: Micro Acts of Appreciation Yield Macro Impacts 78

Notes 79

Chapter 11 The New Media University 801: Syndication, Illustration, and Aggregation 81

Establishing a Syndication Network 81

Syndicating Social Objects: An Illustration 82

Channeling Illustration: An Activity Stream 83

Aggregation: Assembling the Pieces 84

Example of Activity Stream 85

In-Network Aggregation 86

Syndication: Webcasting Social Objects 87

Autoposts and Syndication 88

Don’t Cross the Streams 88

Destination Unknown: Defining the Journey through Your Experience 89

Notes 95

Chapter 12 The New Media University 901: Brand Personality, Discovery, and Promise 97

Establishing an Online Presence and Defining the Brand Persona 97

Online Profiles Speak Volumes about You and Your Brand 98

Multiple Personality Disorder 99

Multiple Personality Order 99

Discovery and Actualization 101

Shaping the Brand Persona 102

The Center of Gravity: Core Values 103

Brand Pillars 104

Brand Characteristics 104

Promise 104

Brand Aspirations 105

Opportunities 105

Culture 105

Personality 106

Notes 106

Chapter 13 The New Media University 1001: Attention and Word of Mouth Marketing 107

From Introversion to Extroversion 107

The Now Web 108

The Rise of the Statusphere 109

News No Longer Breaks, It Tweets 110

The Attention Rubicon 111

Channeling Our Focus: The Attention Dashboard 114

The Social Effect: The Future of Branding and Word of Mouth Marketing 115

Notes 118

Chapter 14 The New Media University 1101: Social Landscape and Initiatives 119

Improving the Signal-to-Noise Ratio 119

Chapter 15 Fusing the Me in Social Media and the We in the Social Web 121

Casting a Digital Shadow: Your Reputation Precedes You 121

Defining Your Online Persona 123

Your Brand versus the Brands You Represent 123

Managing Your Online Reputation 124

We are all Brand Managers 125

Note 125

Chapter 16 Learning and Experimentation Lead to Experience 127

Becoming the Expert 127

You’re the Real Thing 128

When POV Becomes a Point of Validation 129

Let’s Talk About Meaningful Exchanges 129

Who Owns Social Media? 130

Getting Down to Business 131

Chapter 17 Defining the Rules of Engagement 133

Inside the Outside: Assessing Threats and Opportunities 134

Policies and Guidelines 136

Example Guidelines and Policies 141

The Louisiana Purchase and the Great Brand Grab 148

Rules of Engagement 150

Intel’s Digital IQ Program 152

With Social Media Comes Great Responsibility 154

Notes 155

Chapter 18 The Conversation Prism 157

I’m Your Customer . . . Remember Me? 157

The Value Cycle: You, Me, and Mutual Value 159

The Conversation Prism 160

The Art and Science of Listening and Monitoring 164

Listeners Make the Best Conversationalists 165

Charting a Social Map 166

Conversation Workflow 167

Taking Center Stage 167

Level One: The Epicenter 168

Charting the Course 170

Establishing a Conversation Index 171

The Community Starts Within 171

Notes 178

Chapter 19 Unveiling the New Influencers 179

We are Media 179

Building a Bridge between Brands and Markets 180

Engage with Purpose 181

The Shift from Monitoring to Action 182

X-Ray Glasses and Bionic Hearing 184

Searching the Social Web 186

Note 190

Chapter 20 The Human Network 191

Breathing Life into the Human Network 191

The Human Network: Alive and Clicking! 192

Visualizing Social Order 197

Social Technographics 197

Tenets of Community Building 199

Notes 206

Chapter 21 The Social Marketing Compass 209

The Calm before the Storm 209

The Social Marketing Compass 210

Creating a Plan: Defining the Future, Now 215

Social Media Plan Outline 216

Notes 220

Chapter 22 Facebook is Your Home Page for the Social Web 221

The Top 10 Brands by Population (Rounded Out) 221

The State of the Facebook 222

It’s Not a Fan Page; It’s a Brand Page 223

From E-Commerce to F-Commerce 224

Facebook Tabs Are the New Web Pages 226

Madison Ave. is Moving to California Ave. 227

Chapter 23 Divide and Conquer 229

Social Media Takes a Community Effort 229

Decentralization and Centralization: Assembling and Conducting an Orchestra 230

The Society and Culture of Business 231

Meeting of the Minds: Consensus ad Idem 231

Outside the Inside: Establishing an Insider Program 232

Example: New Media Board of Advisors 233

Example: Internal Task Force 236

Example: Organizational Transformation 238

New Roles and Responsibilities in the Era of Emerging Media 240

Notes 242

Chapter 24 A Tale of Two Cities 245

Web 2.0 and the Evolution of CRM 2.0 245

Twitter and Social Networks Usher in a New Era of Relationships 247

When the S in SCRM Stands for SELF-SERVING 250

Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) 252

The Value of Social Customers 253

VRM + SCRM = SRM 254

No Brand is an Island 256

Social Business Takes a Human Touch; No, Really 256

Social Science is the Center of Social Business 259

Notes 260

Chapter 25 We Earn the Relationships We Deserve 263

Earning the Three FS: Friends, Fans, and Followers 263

# Hashtags 264

Hashtags: A Proactive Approach 265

Offers and Specials 266

Pay per Tweet 267

Notes 269

Chapter 26 The New Media Scorecard 271

The Disparity between Social Media Adoption and Measurement 272

ROA: Return on Acronyms 272

The Essential Guide to Social Media: Resources - Personnel and Budgets 274

The Social Barometer 275

Start with the Results, then Work Backward: Defining Goals and Objectives 276

Authority: The Ability to Galvanize Action and Quantify It 281

The CS of Measuring Action through Cost 285

The Engagement Phase 287

Share of Voice and Share of Conversation 290

Comparative Data Analysis 291

Notes 292

Conclusion You Are More Influential than You May Realize 295

Appendix 30-Day Listening Report: A Template for Capturing and Presenting Social Media Activity 297

Glossary 300

Index 307

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Brian Solis
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown