Confidence Game. How Hedge Fund Manager Bill Ackman Called Wall Street's Bluff. Bloomberg

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Confidence Game the inside story of how an investor made more than $1 billion betting against the flaws that toppled the financial system is a window into all that went wrong on Wall Street.

Praise for Confidence Game

"Christine Richard′s Confidence Game is an insightful, timely, and fascinatinghigh–speed drive into the often difficult–to–penetrate world of short sellers." Scott B. MacDonald, Senior Managing Director, Aladdin Capital LLC,and coauthor of Separating Fools from Their Money

"How to head off the next crash? Listen to the dissidents now. Christine Richard′sdeeply researched and deftly written account of Bill Ackman′s high–stakes struggle with a leading pillar of a now–collapsed system is the right book at the right time, and a mesmerizing read." Dean Starkman, business section editor, Columbia Journalism Review

"Bill Ackman′s battle with MBIA will be remembered as one of the great epics ofWall Street history, and no one followed the story more closely than Christine Richard." Bethany McLean, coauthor of The Smartest Guys in the Room

"Finally, a financial crisis book with a hero. It′s a compelling morality tale of howone man uncovered a massive fraud and then fought tenaciously to show the world he was right. Richard weaves the threads of complex financial shenanigans into a page–turning narrative. Ackman emerges as the Don Quixote of financial markets: you will root for him and a happy ending." Frank Partnoy, author of F.I.A.S.C.O., Infectious Greed, and The Match King

"Confidence Game is a lesson for all investors on the value of independent and exhaustive research. It′s also a riveting story." Todd Sullivan, creator of and a regular contributor to theStocktwits blog network and Seeking Alpha

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1. The Meeting.

2. The Short Seller.

3. The Question.

4. Backlash.

5. The Worst That Could Happen.

6. The Trouble With Triple–A.

7. Unanswered Questions.

8. Crimes and Cockroaches.

9. Turning the Tables.

10. Scrutiny.

11. The Black Hole.

12. The Court of Public Opinion.

13. The Insurance Charade.

14. When Crack Houses Become Collateral.

15. Storm Warnings.

16. An Uncertain Spring.

17. Apocalypse Now.

18. Parting the Curtain.

19. Ratings Revisited.

20. The Panic Begins.

21. Catastrophe and Revenge.

22. Time Runs Out.

23. Bailout.

24. Judgment Day.

25. The Nuclear Threat.




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Christine S. Richard
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