The Multinational Corporation in China. Controlling Interests. Organization and Strategy

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The Multinational Corporation in China: Controlling Interests addresses how multinational corporations control and coordinate their worldwide affiliates, with a fascinating inside story on contemporary China.

Focusing on the control and coordination by four large US multinational corporations of their China operations, Rudman bases the book on his own original research within the China affiliates of these companies, conducted over a two–year period. Sources include personal interviews with senior managers, as well as discussions with consultants, lawyers, and government officials. Rudman also reviews internal and publicly available company documents, and books, periodicals, and newspapers dealing with relevant industries and with China.

The book concentrates on dynamic management control processes, enabling readers to understand how multinational corporations are managed; its precise definition of control and coordination facilitates the development of a coherent theory of management control. Alongside a clearer understanding of multinational management control, readers will find in this book rich insights into the nature of business relationships in China.

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Part I: Theory and Context.

1 Control and Coordination within Multinational Corporations: The undeveloped state of theory.

2 Multinational Corporations in China: The institutional context.

Part II: The Cases.

3 According to Plan : Control and coordination through the discipline of planning in an American multinational corporation in China.

4 Control and Coordination through Goals : The role of a paramount corporate goal in managing an American multinational corporation in China.

5 Global Replication : Coordination through the discipline of replication of organizational processes in an American multinational corporation in China.

6 The Genetics of an Operating System : Control and coordination through the transmission of shared management processes in an American multinational corporation in China.

Part III: Comparison and Analysis across the Cases.

7 Cross–Case Comparison Summary.

8 Setting Goals, Selecting Strategies, and Adopting Organizational Forms.

9 Controlling and Coordinating People: Human resources management policies and practices.

10 Control and Coordination of Money and Factories: Finance and manufacturing.

11 Control and Coordination of Responses to China s Institutional Environments.

Conclusion: Informing the Theory and Practice of Control and Coordination in the Multinational Corporation.




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"A thorough, in–depth analysis of the multinational experience in China; strikes the right balance between theory and practice."Oded Shenkar, The Ohio State University

"I have found Stephen Todd Rudman′s Controlling Interests to be a fascinating study of the problems and possibilities of achieving effective coordination and control of multinational corporate subsidiaries located in China. Given the rapidly expanding importance of China based enterprise to our global political economy, this book based on in–depth case studies of the interactions between MNCs and their Chinese affiliates provides critical insights for managers and scholars alike which will enable them better to understand the complexities of operating in the
twenty–first century ′Middle Kingdom′." Edwin M. Epstein, University of California, BerkeleyProfessor Rudman has written the definitive guide to understanding the Chinese business environment and its complex management practices. Well written, thoroughly researched and supported by actual cases, this is an essential resource for any executive doing business in China and with China. Michael A. Mische, University of Southern California

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