The Blackwell Handbook of Global Management. A Guide to Managing Complexity. Blackwell Handbooks in Management

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This is a benchmark overview of current approaches and research in the study of international management and organizations, with a focus on implementation issues in a globalized context.

The volume is structured into sections covering the global context, global competencies, teaming and leading, executing strategic initiatives globally, and special issues in developing and transitioning economies. These sections are framed and contextualized by an introduction from the editors. Topical subjects covered include developing a global mindset, managing global virtual teams, knowledge management in multinationals, and the effects of globalization.

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Introducing ION: The International Organization Network.

How ION Works.

Blackwell Handbook of Global Management: A Guide to Managing Global Complexity: The Process.

Part I: Introduction: Understanding People and Context:.

1. Globalization: Hercules Meets Buddha: Henry W. Lane, Martha L. Maznevski, Mark Mendenhall.

2. People in Global Organizations: Culture, Personality and Social.

Dynamics – Mary Yoko Brannen, Carolina Gomez, Mark F. Peterson, Laurence Romani, Lilach Sagiv.

Part II: Global Competencies:.

3. Global Competencies: An Introduction: Alan Bird, Joyce S. Osland.

4. The Crucial Yet Illusive Global Mindset: Nakiye Boyacigiller, Schon Beechler, Sully Taylor, Orly Levy.

5. Interpersonal Skills:.

Part A. Mindful Communication: David C. Thomas, Joyce S. Osland.

Part B. Creating and Building Trust: Ellen Whitener, Guenter Stahl.

6. The System Level Skills of Gobal Competency:.

Part A. Boundary Spanning: Schon Beechler, Mikael Sondergaard, Edwin Miller, Alan Bird.

Part B. Building Community Through Change: Joyce S. Osland, Alan Bird.

Part C. Ethical Decision–Making: Jeanne McNett, Mikael Sondergaard.

Part III: Teaming and Leading:.

7. Leading in a Global Context: Vision in Complexity: Deanne N. den Hartog.

8. Designing and Forming Global Teams: Julia C. Gluesing, Cristina B. Gibson.

9. Effective Team Processes for Global Teams: Sue Canney Davison, Bjorn Z. Ekelund.

10. Performance Management in Global Teams: Bradley L. Kirkman, Deanne N. Den Hartog.

Part IV: Executing Strategic Initiatives Globally:.

11. Managing Knowledge in Global Organizations: Tatiana Kostova, Nicholas Athanassiou, Iris Berdrow.

12. External Sourcing of Knowledge in the International Firm: Julian Birkinshaw.

13. Seeking Global Advantage With Information Management and Information Technology Capabilities: Donald A. Marchand.

14. Global Account Management: New Structures, New Tasks: Julian Birkinshaw, Joseph J. DiStefano.

15. Barriers and Bonds to Knowledge Transfer in Global Alliances and Mergers: Henry W. Lane, Danna Greenberg, Iris Berdrow.

16. Managing Complexity in the Global Innovation Process: A Networks and Social Capital Solution: Edward F. McDonough III, Francis C. Spital, Nicholas Athanassiou.

Part V: Special Issues in Developing and Transitioning Economies:.

Introduction: Joyce S. Osland, Sue Canney Davison.

17. The Developing World: Towards a Managerial Understanding: Betty Jane Punnett.

18. Leadership and Teamwork in the Developing Country Context: Zeynep Aycan.

19. Gaining Legitimacy: Management s Challenge in Developing and Transitioning Economies: Daniel J. McCarthy; Sheila M. Puffer.

20. Management in Action in Developing Economies: Terence Jackson.


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"At no time in the world′s history have we been more in need of global understanding than today. Lane, Maznevski, Mendenhall, and McNett have brought together some of the most up–to–date scholarship on globalization and global management to help guide us through the complexity of the opening years of the twenty–first century. Read it, it is well worth your time."Professor Nancy Adler, McGill University, Canada

"The wealth of knowledge represented in this book is simply breathtaking...This handbook is very likely going to stand the test of times and will be a major resource on global management for many years to come." Maximilian Von Zedtwitz, R&D Management 2005

The handbook brings together significant discussions on key elements of global management, providing an excellent resource for executives, students and scholars. Helen de Cieri, Journal of International Business Studies

Researchers, trainers, and students of global management will all find value in this book"International Journal of Intercultural Relations

The approach taken by this book is original the editors and contributors deserve kudos for their ambitious and worthwhile contribution. It is unlike any other book on the topic that I am aware of. It is well worth your time to pursue it for its intellectual as well as pedagogical riches. International Journal of Intercultural Relations

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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