There's Always a Way. How to Develop a Positive Mindset and Succeed in Business and Life

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Praise for Tony Little s
There Always a Way

Tony Little s renowned successes as a fitness guru and TV pitchman pale beside the debilitating tribulations he s endured. If success means overcoming a troubled childhood, crippling accidents, dangerous friends, and a string of humiliating business failures, Tony is your guide. It s no mystery how he s achieved billions in sales, given his energy, passion, mindset, and endurance. What amazes me is that he s still alive. Al Lewis, columnist, Dow Jones Newswires

Tony Little has captured the essence of personal empowerment in this honest, inspiring, and provocative book. Both simple and profound, You can do it should by a mantra for our times Mindy Grossman, CEO, HSN

Tony is a terrific success in the fitness business. He sets goals and regular exceeds them. He has been an inspiration for millions of people to do the same. He may have a light–hearted persona on TV but he s a greet businessman and a huge success. John Stransky, President , Life Fitness.

Plenty of people know Tony Little as the country s leading fitness expert , but what they may not know is that he is also an incredible entrepreneur who overcame some very log odds. His is an amazing and fascinating rags–to–riches story. In his book There s Always a Way. Tony shares his secrets for getting ahead. His perseverance, hard work, and great attitude will inspire anyone. If you want to know the way, Tony Little will show you how There s Always a Way. Steve Strauss, columnist, USA Today, and author of The Small Business Bible, <a href="[external URL]
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Chapter 1 There′s Always a Way to Success.

Chapter 2 Why I′ve Such a Failure.

Chapter 3 Why I′ve Been Such a Success.

Chapter 4 Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life.

Chapter 5 Change Your Life, Change Your Mindset

Chapter 6 Beyond Thinking Outside the Box (What Box?)

Chapter 7 You Gotta Step Out to Stand Out.

Chapter 8 Self–Brand Your Way to Success.

Chapter 9 The Greatest Selling Secret of All Time.

Chapter 10 Give It All You′ve Got.

Chapter 11 Tell a Tale, Make a Sale.

Chapter 12 Be Smart: Keep It Simple.

Chapter 13 How to Thrill Your Audience into Buying.

Chapter 14 Passion Sells.

Chapter 15 The Neglected Key to High–Performance Selling.

Chapter 16 Tony′s Top Selling Secrets 101.

Chapter 17 Tony′s Advanced–Standing Selling Secrets.

Chapter 18 Tony′s Totally Stupid, Idiotic, Useless Sales Secrets.

Chapter 19 Begin It Now!

Chapter 20. PS Watch and Shop: The Inside Story.

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Tony Little is a fitness giant, record–breaking world–renowned salesperson, and founder and CEO of Health International Corporation. Dubbed America s Personal Trainer,   Tony logs 6,000 hours a year on TV promoting his products all over the world, including regular appearances on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) . He has produced the largest number of successful infomercial s in the world under one celebrity name. Tony has been featured in hundred s of publications, including theWall Street Journal, theNew York Times, andUSA Today, for more on Tony Little, visit www
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