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Praise for complexity, risk, and financial markets

"A fascinating account of one of today′s great paradoxes: the irreducible uncertainty that lies at the heart of social and economic order. Ed Peters takes our most cherished beliefs, turns them upside down, and convinces us that they′re much better that way."– Ian Stewart, author of Does God Play Dice and columnist for Scientific American

"Is it any wonder why smart traders love volatility, while amateurs shun it? It′s because smart traders understand complexity theory. And with the help of Peters′ book, you may too!"– Desmond MacRae, The

"In reading previous contributions to the work of complexity and chaos theory, it′s obvious that the forerunners in these fields have been running too fast for the average reader...Peters knows what he is talking about and has done his homework, which makes this a good starting point for gaining insight into an economic paradigm shift bound to take place...[this book] is the real deal about complexity and chaos."– Thomas Stridsman, Futures Magazine

"...Peters always seems to provide compelling insight into how global structure and local randomness interact...the discussions regarding various process models and their implications for economic activity are worth the price of admission alone. Interested investors ought to check it out."– Alex Schay, The Motley
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Introduction: Life, Risk, and Uncertainty.


Imposing Order: Conspiracies and the Mathematics of Ignorance.

Uncertainty, Vagueness, and Ambiguity: The Need for Information.

Complexity and Time: The Dynamics of Uncertainty.


Subjectivism: "The Economics of Time and Ignorance."

Diversity and Knowledge.

Crisis and Competition: Creative Destruction in Free Markets.

Economic Evolution: Change in Real Time.

Creativity: Uncertainty, Innovation, and Entrepreneurs.

Rules and Law: Limits in Complexity.

Degrees of Order: Balancing Rules, Freedom, and Uncertainty.

The Need for Uncertainty.


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Edgar E. Peters
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