Life Kerning. Creative Ways to Fine Tune Your Perspective on Career and Life

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Small steps toward the elusive work–life balance:Live a life that fuels your work, and work in a way that fuels your life. Life Kerning shows you how, one miniscule step at a time.

"I just love this book. And you will, too, if you strive to be a human being and not a human doing. It′s about simple truths: Serve others. Say thank you. Create more good. Believe in something bigger than yourself. Do what you love. This isn′t rocket science it′s just a great guide for assessing what′s important in your life. Read Life Kerning, take it to heart, and watch everything around you get a little bit better."
Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager and Lead with LUV

"Life Kerning is a very good read. The style is such that you feel like Justin is alongside you as you both discover how to navigate work and life. As I was reading it, I found myself drawn further and further into the concepts just by the authenticity with which they were delivered, but honestly, the concepts themselves are meaty but accessible. I′m going to give this away to a lot of my friends and clients."
David C. Baker, ReCourses, Inc.

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Introduction: Kerned Just for You.

Chapter 1: You′re Not Perfect.

Chapter 2: Get Naked.

Taking It Off.

Chapter 3: Create Space.

Space for Two.

Space for You.

Chapter 4: Be AntiSocial.

Chapter 5: The power of the list.

List Magic.

Chapter 6: Play Nice With Others.

Giving It a Shot.

Go For It:.

Chapter 7: Are YOU Just Bad at Making GOOD Decisions?

Creating More Good.

Chapter 8: Create An ecosystem.

Being Eco Friendly .

Chapter 9: Be a link in the Love Chain.

Chapter 10: Do What you love.

Finding the Love.

Chapter 11: Mirror Leadership.

Occasional Looks in the Mirror.

Chapter 12: Embrace Your Nerd.

Nerd Alert.

Chapter 13: Pay it Forward.

Let′s Get Cracking.

Chapter 14: Outlook Is Everything.

Let′s Get Real.

Chapter 15: Learn from the Wisdom of Others.

Chapter 16: Right Turn Ahead.

Reading the Signs.

Chapter 17: Believe in something bigger than you.

How to Look at Believing Bigger.

Chapter 18: Give Thanks.

Now Is the Time.

Chapter 19: Take a culture dip (why you should travel).

Chapter 20: The power of a name.

Chapter 21: Do personal projects.

Chapter 22: Balance Is a State of Mind.

Chapter 23: Don′t burn a bridge.

Chapter 24: BTW, There Are No Rules.

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Justin Ahrens is the founder, principal, and creative director of Rule29, one of Chicago′s top creative studios, which focuses on making creative matter for their clients in print, spatial, and online environments. His clients range from nonprofit organizations to Fortune 500 corporations, including Allstate Insurance, Life In Abundance, Team Red White and Blue, rock legend Alice Cooper, Invesco PowerShares, and DC Comics, to name a few. He and his work have been recognized by AIGA, the Professional Association of Design, Communication Arts and HOW, the go–to magazines for graphic designers. Follow Justin @justinahrens and @rule29.
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