Speech and Language Disorders Associated with Subcortical Pathology

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This book provides comprehensive coverage of speech and language disorders arising from pathological processes involving the subcortical structures of the brain. It gives an understanding of these disorders in terms of their neuropathological basis, clinical symptomatology and prognosis. A full discussion of contemporary models and theories of subcortical participation in speech and language processing is given, including discussion of the possible roles of structures such as the basal ganglia, subthalamic nucleus, thalamus and cerebellum.

The book covers speech and language disorders associated with a variety of subcortical conditions, ranging from major degenerative conditions such as Parkinsons Disease, Huntington s chorea and dystonia, through to acquired non–degenerative subcortical lesions arising from, for example, cerebrovascular accidents and sterotactic surgically induced lesions. In addition, a full description of the relevant assessment and treatment procedures currently recommended for use for each of the subcortical communication disorders is given.

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1. Subcortical Involvement in Speech and Language: An Introduction and Historical Perspective.

2. Neuroanatomy and Functional Neurology of the Subcortical Region.


3. Models of Subcortical Participation in Language.

4. Language Disorders Associated with Striatocapsular and Thalamic Lesions.

5. Pallidal and Thalamic Involvement in Language: Evidence from Stereotactic Surgical Studies.

6. Role of the Subthalamic Nucleus in Language.

7. Influence of the Cerebellum on Language Function.

8. Degenerative Subcortical Syndromes: Aetiology, Clinical Features, Medical Treatment and Associated Language Disorders.

9. Assessment and Treatment of Subcortical Language Disorders.


10. Role of the Subcortical Structures in Speech Motor Control.

11. Dysarthria Associated with Subcortical Pathologies.

12. Subcortical Dysarthrias: Assessment and Treatment.

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Bruce E. Murdoch
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