Beyond Traditional Marketing. Innovations in Marketing Practice. IMD Executive Development Series

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"This book is like a stream of fresh air compared with the many stale business books I have read lately. Reading it felt like attending one of IMD′s management seminars: instead of giving you the latest "cooking recipe" that nobody can use, the authors help you to broaden their perspective, reflect on the marketing isssues we all face in REAL life, and find ways of devising your own solutions adapted to your company and reality. That is different from reading theories that only the authors know how to apply. In my current position I found a number of chapters of particular relevance including: the Value Chain Marketing, Countering Commoditization, The Missing "P" in the Marketing Mix and Beyond the Matrix.

I′m not a fan of business books but I found myself taking some 20 notes while reading this volume that I can apply to our company today."

Jose Maria Gonzalez Tejera, Vice President Global Marketing, Tetra Pak International

What every marketing manager needs to know to succeed in today s competitive markets.

This book has been written for thoughtful marketing managers looking for new ways to improve marketing practice in their organizations. Markets change constantly, but the discipline often fails to keep pace and takes time to catch up. As change accelerates, so the problem worsens. And the classics of the field, whilst offering an important foundation, are simply not designed to address emergent issues. There is thus a clear need for a focused and practical book to chart the breaking ground, and to harness the latest developments for frontline marketing managers.

Beyond Traditional Marketing is that book. Studded with case studies of real companies who have dealt effectively with emerging issues and others who have not, it offers an overview of the innovations that have transformed industries and driven major shifts in the field over the last decade, as well as those areas where the reverse is true and new thinking has led to breakthroughs in practice. In total it explores more than 20 techniques absent from the traditional literature, delivering examples, managers checklists and practical action summaries for each.

Even the biggest names have acknowledged that traditional marketing is no longer achieving the success rates enjoyed in the past. If concepts such as value chain marketing, customer collaboration marketing and two–way brand building are unfamiliar to you, consider one question:

Are they as unfamiliar to your competitors?

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Chapter 1: Introduction (Professor Kamran Kashani).

Chapter 2: Value Chain Marketing (Professor Jean–Pierre Jeannet).

Chapter 3: Countering Commoditization: Value–added Strategies and Aligning with Customers (Professor Kamran Kashani).

Chapter 4: The Marketing of Services: How is it Different? (Professor Jacques Horovitz).

Chapter 5: The Missing P in the Marketing Mix: Putting Passion into Brands (Professor Dominique Turpin).

Chapter 6: Beyond Beating Competition: Shaping Markets for Profitable Growth (Professor Adrian B. Ryans).

Chapter 7: New Frontiers in Pricing for Profit (Professor John Walsh).

Chapter 8: Beyond the Matrix: An Organization–wide Solution for Creating and Sustaining Customer Value (Professor Seán Meehan).


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amran Kashani (Lead Author and Editor) is Professor of Marketing and Global Strategy at IMD. He teaches topics in marketing, brand building, global strategy and international management. His special interests span across industrial, business–to–business, and consumer marketing.

Jean–Pierre Jeannet is Professor of Strategy and Marketing at IMD. His areas of special interest are global business and marketing strategies, and market orientation.

Jacques Horovitz is Professor of Service Strategy, Service Marketing and Service Management at IMD. He focuses on how to compete through service and improve customer satisfaction with heavy emphasis on service as a strategy for differentiation, on customer loyalty and on creating a service culture.

Seán Meehan is the Martin Hilti Professor of Marketing and Change Management at IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland. His teaching encompasses marketing and corporate strategy. He has designed and/or delivered management development programmes for companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers Corporate Finance, COSA, Hilti A.G., Swiss Re and Toyota.

Adrian Ryans is a Professor of Marketing at IMD. His areas of interest include marketing strategy and strategic market planning. He has particular expertise in business–to–business marketing and in strategic market planning for companies operating in fast–moving technology–intensive markets.

Professor Dominique Turpin is the Dentsu Professor in Japanese Management at IMD, and specializes in marketing and strategy. He is co–director of the Programme for Executive Development (PED), a ten–week programme which brings together high potential upper– and mid–level managers from all over the world in an integrated learning experience to explore the latest management issues.

John W. Walsh is Professor of Marketing at IMD. His research interests include the application of economic and econometric models to marketing issues, managerial and consumer decision–making, and competitive marketing strategy.

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