Balanced Scorecard Diagnostics. Maintaining Maximum Performance

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"Whether you are an existing company already reaping the significant benefits of the Balanced Scorecard as a strategic management, communication, and measurement tool; or are a company evaluating the many advantages of the Balanced Scorecard, this book offers tremendous insight and value."

Bob Whip President Horizon Fitness

"In this excellent book, Paul Niven captures the most commonly cited issues derailing Balanced Scorecard implementation the pitfalls, the potential roadblocks, and the showstopping challenges. Through proven tools and techniques for areas like choosing and training the team, securing CEO buy–in, and getting the word out, he addresses the ′practical realities′ of organizational change initiatives. If you want your Balanced Scorecard initiative to succeed, read this book!"
Rob Fuller Director of Entrepreneurial Programs Beyster Institute Rady School of Management

University of California, San Diego

"Paul Niven has developed another easy–to–read guide to the Balanced Scorecard that shares his knowledge and experience. This book will bring benefits to both the uninitiated and the initiated of this systematic measurement and communication tool. A good read that helps practitioners achieve a greater degree of success in achieving corporate goals through measurement of the right variables."
Paul G. Rodier Director, Consulting Services Management Consulting CGI – NCR

"Experience has demonstrated that building a Balanced Scorecard in a public sector organization can either be a rewarding and productive experience, or a frustrating waste of time. Following the tenets laid down in Niven′s latest book is very likely to produce the former and avoid the latter."
Gerald Barkdoll Founder/Facilitator Balanced Scorecard Interest Group

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Chapter 1: The Current State of the Balanced Scorecard.

The Road Ahead.

Why the Balanced Scorecard Has Risen to Prominence.

The Balanced Scorecard.

Is the Balanced Scorecard Here to Stay?

Chapter 2: First Things First.

Why Balanced Scorecard and Why Now?

Who Owns the Balanced Scorecard?: Exploring Executive Sponsorship.

Self–Assessment Questions.

Chapter 3: Before You Measure.

Your Balanced Scorecard Team.

Balanced Scorecard Training.

Getting the Word Out: Communication Planning.

Terminology and the Balanced Scorecard.

Your Balanced Scorecard Implementation Plan.

Chapter 4: Strategy Maps.

Developing the Strategy Map.

Personalizing Your Strategy Map.

Chapter 5: Measures, Targets, and Initiatives.

Performance Measures.

Adding Meaning to Measurement through the Use of Targets.

Mapping and Prioritizing Organizational Initiatives.

Chapter 6: Cascading the Balanced Scorecard to Drive Organizational Alignment.

Developing Implementation Principles for Cascading Success.

Understanding the Highest–Level Balanced Scorecard.

Cascading Is Based on Influence.

Reviewing Cascaded Balanced Scorecards.

Chapter 7: Key Balanced Scorecard Process Linkages: Budgeting, Compensation, and Corporate Governance.

Strategic Resource Allocation: The Balanced Scorecard and Budgeting.

Linking Pay with Performance:The Balanced Scorecard and Compensation.

The Balanced Scorecard and Corporate Governance.

Chapter 8: Sharing Balanced Scorecard Results: Reporting and Strategy–Centered Management Meetings.

Reporting Balanced Scorecard Results.

The Strategy–Centered Management Meeting.

Appendix 8A: Choosing Balanced Scorecard Software.

Chapter 9: Building the Balanced Scorecard at Aliant, Inc.

Pouring a Foundation for Balanced Scorecard Success.

Aliant s Strategy Map, Performance Measures, Targets, and Initiatives.

Cascading the Balanced Scorecard to Build Organizational Alignment.

Reporting Balanced Scorecard Results.

Everybody Wins: Linking the Balanced Scorecard to Incentive Compensation.

Aliant s Balanced Scorecard Results.


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PAUL R. NIVEN is President of the Senalosa Group, a consulting firm exclusively dedicated to helping businesses reach breakthrough results using the Balanced Scorecard. In addition to publishing articles on performance management in Journal of Cost Management and Journal of Strategic Performance Measurement, he is the author of the highly successful books, Balanced Scorecard Step–by–Step: Maximizing Performance and Maintaining Results and Balanced Scorecard Step–by–Step for Government and Nonprofit Agencies, both published by Wiley. He may be reached through his Web site at
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