Phonics Activities for Reading Success

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For reading tutors, homeschoolers, and teachers, this book provides 60 ready–to–use units of phonics activities to help beginning readers of all ages learn the short vowels, long vowels, irregular vowel combinations, diphthongs, and r–controlled vowel sounds in words. Learning these vowel sounds usually follows learning the sound associations for the constant letters.

The activities are printed in a full–page format for easy use and are organized into two sections. Part One, "Long and Short Vowels," includes 151 activity pages. Part Two, "irregular Vowel Combinations, Diphthongs, and R–Controlled Vowels," includes 100 activity pages.

Each of the 60 phonics units features the following components:

  • a phonogram or phonograms and a list of words constructed from the phonogram to be read aloud in order to establish the letter–sound relationship
  • an exercise to reinforce this skill in which the learner selects the one word that makes sense in each sentence
  • a trace–say–and–copy page with space for writing the words
  • activities directly related to the words in that unit plus words from prior units to provide review and reinforcement. These includes: reaading comprehension, decoding, encoding, rhyming words, learning new vocabulary words, alphabetizing, learning to use long and short diacritical marks, making a word from scrambled letter, making a compound word from two separate words, distinguishing the spelling and meaning of homonyms, figure–ground discrimination
  • a checklist of words in alphabetical order to provide further practice in word recognition and a means of evaluating the learner′s progress

Other special helps in this book include additional strategies for making the process of learning to read easier and more enjoyable... a glossary of phonics... and lists of Vocabulary and Sight Words used for the activities in Parts One and Two.

Phonics Activities for Reading Success can be used as a stand–alone activities program for learning the vowel sounds or a supplement to any reading program already in place. And the activities may also be used with readers who need extra practice in mastering the sound associations for vowels.

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About This Book of Phonics Activities.

How to Use These Phonics Activities.

Phonics Terms.

Part One Vocabulary.

Part One Sight Words.

Part Two Vocabulary.

Part Two Sight Words.



Short Vowel a.

Long Vowel a.

Short Vowel e.

Long Vowel e.

Short Vowel i.

Long Vowel i.

Short Vowel o.

Long Vowel o.

Short Vowel u.

Long Vowel u.


Irregular Vowel Combinations.


R–Controlled Vowels.


Dividing Words into Syllables.

The Stress in Words.

The Schwa Sounds.

Answer Keys.
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ROSELLA BERNSTEIN, B.S., Ohio State University, was certified to teach learning disabled children in the Trumbull County, Ohio, school system after completing additional courses at Kent State University. She taught students with learning disabilities for more than ten years and created the activities in Phonics Activities for Reading Success because she could not find material to meet her students′ particular instructional needs.
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