The Joyful Reading Resource Kit. Teaching Tools, Hands–On Activities, and Enrichment Resources, Grades K–8

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All children deserve a chance to learn to love reading. The Joyful Reading Resource Kit offers teachers an impressive array of tools, resources, and activities for getting students at all levels excited about reading while developing their proficiency in comprehension. Serving as a companion to Joyful Reading, the book offers teachers everything they need to implement the Schoolwide Enrichment Model in Reading (SEM–R), a differentiated instructional approach that encourages students to read independently for a period of time each day on books of their own choice. Implemented in three phases, the SEM–R program has been shown by research to improve fluency and comprehension among at–risk students. The Joyful Reading Resource Kit includes:

  • Reproducible "bookmarks" for scaffolding students in critical thinking and comprehension activities
  • Extensive lists of recommended books

  • Tips for supporting students in selection of appropriately challenging books

  • Materials for managing independent reading in the classroom, including log sheets, five–minute conference tips, writing prompts, assessment rubrics, and a reading growth chart

  • Exciting enrichment resources to develop students′ reading interests, including a survey form, online books, Web–based activities, and Renzulli Learning resources

  • Hands–On Creativity activities that help students elaborate ideas, develop fluency, brainstorm, and much more

  • Reproducible X–ploration projects on varied topics that students can pursue independently at their own pace

The Joyful Reading Resource Kit is a vital compendium not only for classroom teachers but also for parents and after–school educators who wish to support students in discovering the rich rewards and delights of reading.

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The Authors.


1. The Schoolwide Enrichment Model for Reading (SEM–R): Why now?

2. Why Differentiate Reading Instruction?

3. Reading Instruction Essentials.


4. Hooking Kids on Reading: Phase I.

5. Supported Independent Reading and Conferences: Phase II.

6. Facilitating Interest and Choice: Phase III.


7. Library and Classroom Management Strategies.

8. Differentiated Practices to Challenge all Readers.

9. Making Use of Literacy Coaches.

10. The Program in After–School and Other Settings.


A. Sample SEM–R Bookmarks (4).

B. Reading Interest–a–Lyzer.

C. Book Lists and Resources.

D. Sun/Cloud Template.

E. Reading Growth Graph.

F. Teacher Log: Template and Examples.

G. Student Log: Template and Examples.



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Sally M. Reis, Ph.D., is professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Connecticut where she also serves as principal investigator for the National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented. Widely published, Reis conducts workshops and provides professional development to schools and districts both nationally and internationally. Her colleagues and coauthors are all professors in reading, educational psychology, and curriculum and instruction with extensive experience in SEM–R. She is the author of Joyful Reading from Jossey–Bass (978–0–470–22881–4).

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