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Math Wise! Over 100 Hands-On Activities that Promote Real Math Understanding, Grades K-8

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  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
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Math Wise! Over 100 Hands–On Activities that Promote Real Math Understanding Grades K–8 Second Edition

Many students find math a difficult and abstract subject. To compound the problem, teachers who are pressured to focus on meeting math standards all too often find themselves teaching to the test, leaving little time for teaching students how to really understand math concepts.

Math Wise! offers teachers a collection of hands–on math activities, puzzles, and games designed to help students in elementary and middle school fully comprehend math concepts in a fun, engaging way. Sequenced in order of grade level and difficulty, the activities accommodate a variety of learning styles. This practical resource also helps students meet many National Math Education Standards as it teaches them a true grasp of the math they are learning.

With more than 100 easy–to–teach activities, Math Wise! is a key resource for teachers who want their students to learn the fundamentals behind math problems.

Praise for Math Wise!

"Math Wise! is a unique, comprehensive, and well–organized compilation of activities with concrete, visual, and abstract tasks to enrich any teacher′s repertoire of skills." Raine Bumatay, support provider K 12, Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment, Fresno Unified School District

"A timeless asset in my set of classroom tools?this book offers an easy–to–use format with highly motivating hands–on activities." Lisa Esson, M.Ed., special education gateways teacher, Nampa School District, Nampa, Idaho

"Math Wise! brings mathematics to teachers and students through over 100 engaging and user–friendly lessons using key mathematical concepts and skills. This resource offers a wealth of activities, puzzles, games, and extensions . . . . to challenge the student at every level of mathematical development." Nancy H. Aaberg, superintendent, Yuba City Unified School District, Yuba City, California

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About This Resource.

About the Authors.

Suggestions for UsingMath Wise!

I. Making Sense of Numbers.

1. Toothpick Storybooks.
2. Number Combination Noisy Boxes.
3. Everyday Things Numberbooks.
4. Under the Bowl.
5. Cheerios and Fruit Loops Place Value.
6. Beans and Beansticks.
7. Incredible Expressions.
8. Number Cutouts.
9. Celebrate 100 Days.
10. Paper Plate Fractions.
11. Bean Cups to 1,000.
12. Dot Paper Fractions.
13. Fraction Cover–Up or Un–Cover.
14. Post–it Mental Math.
15. Calendar Math.
16. Let s Have Order.
17. Reject a Digit.
18. A Million or More.
19. Smallest and Largest.
20. Numbers to Words to Numbers.
21. Target a Number. 
22. Fraction Codes.
23. Comparing Fractions, Decimals, and Percents.
24. Number Clues.
25. Number Power Walks.

II. Computation Connections

26. Paper Clip Addition Cards.
27. Arm–Lock Computation.
28. Punchy Math.
29. Multiplication Fact Fold–Outs.
30. Ziploc Division.
31. Dot Paper Diagrams.
32. File Folder Activities.
33. Beat the Calculator.
34. Floor Number Line Actions.
35. Egg Carton Math.
36. Cross–Line Multiplication.
37. Highlighting Multiplication.
38. Chalkboard or Tabletop Spinner Games.
39. Skunk.
40. Subtraction Squares.
41. Drawing Fraction Common Denominators.
42. Fraction × and ÷ Diagrams.
43. Decimal Squares.
44. Square Scores.
45. Math Concentration.
46. Scramble.
47. Palindromic Addition.
48. Paper Clip Division.
49. I Have , Who Has?

50. Number Grids.
51. Here I Am.
52. Equation Match–Up.
53. Block Four.
54. Silent Math.
55. Rapid Checking.

III. Investigations and Problem Solving.

56. Shoe Graphs.
57. Sticky Gooey Cereal Probability.
58. Sugar Cube Buildings.
59. A Chocolate Chip Hunt.
60. Flexagon Creations.
61. Watermelon Math.
62. Restaurant Menu Math.
63. Peek Box Probability.
64. A Problem–Solving Plan.
65. Fraction Quilt Designs.
66. What I Do in a Day.
67. Shaping Up.
68. Verbal Problems.
69. Scheduling.
70. Student–Devised Word Problems.
71. Tired Hands.
72. Paper Airplane Mathematics.
73. A Dog Pen Problem.
74. Building the Largest Container.
75. The Three M s (Mean, Median, and Mode).
76. Post–it Statistics.
77. A Postal Problem.
78. Build the Best Doghouse.
79. Dog Races.
80. Four–Coin Statistics.
81. Tube Taping.
82. Height with a Hypsometer.
83. Fairness at the County Fair.
84. Winning a Prize Spelling NUT .
85. Building Toothpick Bridges.
86. A Bridge with a Bulge.

IV. Logical Thinking.

87. Stacking Oranges.
88. Tell Everything You Can.
89. Handshake Logic.
90. 2– and 3–D Arrangements.
91. Overhead Tic–Tac–Toe.
92. Magic Triangle Logic.
93. Paper Clip Spinners.
94. Triangle Toothpick Logic.
95. Rectangle Toothpick Logic.
96. What Graph Is This?
97. Fold–and–Punch Patterns.
98. Coordinate Clues.
99. Puzzlers with Paper.
100. Create a Tessellation.
101. Problem Puzzlers.
102. Dartboard Logic.
103. Angelica s Bean Logic.
104. Line It Out.
105. Duplicate Digit Logic.
106. String Triangle Geometry.
107. A Potpourri of Logical–Thinking Problems, Puzzles, and Activities.
Plan a Circuit Board.
22 Wheels and 7 Kids.
Candy Box Logic.
Brownie Cutting.
Making Sums with 0 9.
Upside–Down Displays.
Coin Walk.
Dice Plotting.
Coin Divide.
Animal Pens.
12 Days of Christmas.
Rubber Sheet Geometry.
How Long Is a Groove?
Solutions to Selected Potpourri Activities.

Selected Bibliography 427

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James L. Overholt
Laurie Kincheloe
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