Work the Web. E–marketing. Working the WEB

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The internet provides one of the most effective marketing tools your company can use to promote your brand, service or products. It offers a whole range of new ways to reach both new and existing customers; support press enquiries; research campaigns; investigate new export markets; set up focus groups; get advice or discuss techniques with other professionals, or simply find the best place to buy balloons for your next product launch!

The opportunities are endless but you need to know what you want to achieve and how to go about achieving it. In this comprehensive book Simon Collin provides all the latest information you need to understand and use the range of new tools available. He points out the pitfalls as well as highlighting the advantages of using the Internet. Whether you are still planning a start–up or if you′re hoping to bring your marketing efforts up to date, you will find this book an essential starting point.

E–marketing is packed with references to useful websites and each chapter covers a particular area of marketing and explains how it works on the Net.
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1 Marketing on the Internet 1

Direct marketing 2

Press relations 3

Websites 4

Advertising 4

Brand marketing 6

E–Commerce 6

Response 7

Focus groups 8

Search and research 8

Buying supplies 9

Advice 9

Strategy 10

Check the finances 11

Brand awareness 11

Direct marketing 11

Website 11

Advertise 12

Promote your website 12

Participate 12

Work with the press and the media 12

2 Internet branding 15

Move fast 15

Inventing a brand 18

3 Websites 19

Content and community 20

Website design 22

Using a web design company 25

Your address 27

How do you build it? 28

Advanced features 30

Adding a database to your site 31

Getting web space 32

4 Content 37

Licensing content 40

Multilingual considerations 41

Discussion groups 42

Guest books 44

Link directories 45

Databases 45

Newsletters and mailing lists 46

Maps 48

Chat servers 49

Calendars 51

Feedback forms 51

5 Promoting your site 53

The search engines 54

Make your site search–engine friendly 56

Submit your site to search engines 57

Online review and what s new listings 59

Reciprocal links 61

Promote your website 62

6 Advertising on the web 65

Web vs print media 66

The cost of advertising 67

Conversation rates 68

Free banner advertising 70

Buying ad space at auction 71

Designing a banner 71

Electronic coupons and tokens 73

7 Measuring response 77

Counting visitors 78

Access logs 79

Analyzing your site visitors 82

Geographic location 83

Domain name 83

Page requests 83

Browser type 84

Referring domains 84

8 Direct Marketing 87

Getting a list of addresses 88

Sending e–mail 90

The message 92

How often? 93

Design and format 93

The content 94

Marketing to newsgroups and mailing lists 95

Careful marketing 96

9 E–Commerce 99

Your online shop 100

Shopping carts 101

Accepting payments 104

Costs 105

Selling advertising on your site 106

10 Public and press relations 109

Press relations 110

Press releases 111

Writing a press release 112

Guidelines for press releases 112

Distributing a press release 113

Public relations 115

Customer service 116

Bad–business and better–business websites 117

Consumer awareness websites 117

Customer support 117

11 Research and study 119

Consumer research and focus groups 120

Research the competition 121

Searching 122

Power searching 125

Newsgroups for research 126

Global business research 127

12 Marketing Talk 129

E–zines 129

Discussion groups 130

Mailing lists 131

Newsgroups 132

Finding a newsgroup 132

Using a newsgroup 133

Appendix Getting Online 135

Choosing an ISP 135

Getting on the Internet 136

Why it s always so slow 137

Office net policy 138

Setting up the software 139

Browsing the web 140

Electronic mail 141

E–mail standards 131

Web–based e–mail 142

Addressing e–mail 143

Sending to fax, pager or telephone 144

Security and viruses 144

Virus attacks 145

Directory 147

Glossary 167

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"Whether you are still planning a start–up or if you are hoping to bring your company′s marketing efforts up to date, you will find that E–Marketing is an essential starting point." (Sales Director, January 2001)

"This title will offer a valuable insight into the techniques that can be utilised to promote your business." (Internet Works, March 2001)

"a useful starting point...comprehensive book....a great number of references to useful websites"... (Freelance Informer, October 2001)

"...provides an articulate, straightforward introduction to marketing online. Its breadth of scope is impressive..." (Arts Professional, 10 February 2003)

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown