The Successful Coach. Insider Secrets to Becoming a Top Coach

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"The power of positive ACTION! The authors not only share their secrets to building a highly successful practice, but also provide readers with practical, everyday action steps to fill their practice, generate more referrals, and find more clients fast by taking positive actions."

—Stephen Fairley, MA, RCC President & Business Coach, Today′s Leadership Coaching, Inc coauthor of Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching

"The Successful Coach is terrific—practical, friendly, and very helpful. Instead of fearfully wondering, ′Can I make it as a coach?′ aspiring coaches can shift and confidently ask, ′What kind of difference do I want to make with people?′ and ′What wonderful life will I have when I am a wildly successful coach?′"
—Marilee Adams, PHD author of Change Your Questions, Change Your Life

An easy–to–follow blueprint for developing a successful coaching practice

If you are a coach, or want to become one, this book will help you resolve self–limiting beliefs and give you the know–how to build a successful practice.

Everything you need to know to be a top coach is set forth in this book. The first half helps you overcome obstacles that hold you back so you can soar to the pinnacle of the profession. You will learn valuable concepts and techniques to improve your coaching skills, including conquering excuses that stand in your path, thinking like a top coach, and tapping into the power of self–motivation.

The second half of the book gives you marketing strategies to gain clients and build your business. You will learn how to build a unique niche that fully leverages your own unique competencies and skills. Moreover, the authors help you identify and conquer fears and insecurities that may be preventing you from implementing the marketing and sales tactics that will make your business take off.

The authors—two highly successful coaches and one bestselling marketing guru—draw on their own experiences to help you uncover and exploit the unique blend of skills and knowledge that you possess to be a top coach.

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1. I Don′t Know! Do I Want to Be a Coach or Something?

2. What′s Stopping You From Being a Top Coach?

3. Conquer Excuses that Stand in Your Path.

4. Thinking Like a Top Coach.

5. Getting Started and Successful Studying Strategies.

6. Focused on Your Goal.

7. The Power of Self–Motivation.

8. Interpersonal Support Helps You Soar.

9. Beat Avoidance and Procrastination.


10. Setting Up You Coaching Business.

11. Making Marketing Fun.

12. Effective Proposals, Projects, and Joint Ventures.

13. Larina Kase′s Tips for Successful Strategic–referral Partnerships.

14. Joe Vitale′s Secrets to Mastering Internet Marketing.

15. Making the Most of Limited resources.

16. Terri Levine′s top 10 Marketing Secrets.

17. Putting It All Together.

Recommended Resources.

Gifts to Help You Become a Successful Coach.


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TERRI LEVINE, MCC, is the founder and CEO of Comprehensive Coaching U and The Coaching Institute, internationally recognized programs that provide training to individuals and organizations that want to learn coaching skills. She has an impressive track record of growing million dollar businesses. A popular keynote and motivational speaker, Terri Levine is also a successful author.

LARINA KASE, PSYD, MBA, is a licensed psychologist and the President of Performance and Success Coaching, a career and business coaching company. As a cognitive therapist, Dr. Kase′s expertise in changing thoughts and actions has helped dozens of executives, coaches, and consultants overcome self–limiting beliefs and behavior to achieve their goals.

JOE VITALE, is President of Hypnotic Marketing, Inc., a marketing consulting firm. Joe Vitale has been called "the Buddha of the Internet" due to his combination of spirituality and marketing acumen. His clients include the Red Cross, PBS, Children′s Memorial Hermann Hospital, and numerous small and large businesses around the world. He is the author most recently of Meet and Grow Rich (Wiley).

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