Brief Therapy and Eating Disorders. A Practical Guide to Solution-Focused Work with Clients

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Drawing from her own clinical experience as founder of the Eating Disorders Recovery Center, McFarland demonstrates how solution focused brief therapy is one of the more efficient approaches in treating eating disorders. She offers practical, hands on strategies and interventions designed to guide therapists through each step of the treatment process.
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Introduction: Using Solution–Focused Brief Therapy with Eating Disorder Clients.

Shifting Paradigms: Beyond Sickness.

Transforming Clinical Assumptions: Becoming Mindful.

The Changing Therapeutic Relationship: The Art of Collaboration.

The First Sessions: Key Interviewing Questions.

Working with Challenging Cases: Useful Interventions.

Solution–Focused Group Therapy: A Program Description.

Epilogue: Through the Looking Glass.

Resources: Self–Reporting Forms.

Appendix A. Assessment Tools.

Appendix B. Working with the Miracle Question.

Appendix C. Progress in Treatment.

Appendix D. Goals.

Appendix E. Aftercare Planning.

Appendix F. Progress in Recovery.
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"Using a wealth of clinical examples, and offering a creative array of techniques and strategies, McFarland has put together a practical, hands–on manual for dealing, in a time–effective manner, with clients struggling with eating disorders. This book will be a useful resource for clinicians in the trenches!" ––Steven Friedman, Harvard Community Health Plan

"With this book, the eating disorders field has finally matured past describing the problem and developed a solution orientation. Traditionally, bulimic and anorexic clients have been viewed as difficult to help and long–term treatment candidates. McFarland shows there are ways to treat these problems efficiently and effectively.... Having treated eating disorders with traditional pathology–based and long–term approaches for many years, McFarland is a credible advocate of this new, more brief, and managed–care friAndly method. Extremely well–written and readable." ––William Hudson O′Hanlon, coauthor, In Search of Solutions and A Brief Guide to Brief Therapy

"Barbara McFarland′s book will empower clinicians and clients alike. With a masterful grasp of therapy trAnds, she distills her wisdom in years of treating this difficult problem and describes her own journey to more effective treatment. Clinicians will find a great deal of specific help and potent concepts." ––Lynn D. Johnson, director, Brief Therapy Center, Salt Lake City

"In straightforward, clear, and pragmatic language, McFarland presents a model that focuses on strengths rather than weaknesses, on solutions rather than problems, and on hope rather than despair. Her book should be on the shelf of every clinician who works with clients who have eating problems." ––Scott D. Miller, Brief Therapy Network

"An encouraging work that offers more realistic hope for the clients and recognizes and builds on their strengths. This book is recommAnded reading for anyone who has an interest in the treatment of eating disorders." ––Maren Engel, Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy
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