The Philosophic Consultant. Revolutionizing Organizations with Ideas

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InThe Philosophic Consultant, acclaimed business consultant, philosopher, and author Peter Koestenbaum links deep insights of philosophy with practical business issues. Throughout this one–of–a–kind resource, Koestenbaum shows consultants and human resource practitioners how they can foster philosophical leadership within their organizations to positively affect the business environment. The book promises tangible results— credibility, trust, and thoughtful attention— and demonstrates how to apply philosophy, share knowledge with others, and use this newfound thoughtfulness to achieve bottom–line results.

People are Talking About The Philosophic Consultant

"Every once in a while, a book comes along that illuminates the darkness of
our time. This is the book for our time." —from the foreword by Warren Bennis

"The complexity and fragility of our life at the beginning of the 21st Century can only be mastered by a new world ethos. Peter Koestenbaum¹s new book provides the basic philosophical concept for meeting this challenge!" —Professor Klaus Schwab, founder and president, World Economic Forum, Geneva, Switzerland

"Peter Koestenbaum¹s latest book provides important insights into the fundamental drivers of leadership. For all of us in this complicated, challenging, and volatile business world, it provides a deep understanding of the key success factors in our personal and business lives." —John Devine, vice chairman and CFO, General Motors Corporation

"Peter Koestenbaum has written an important book that looks beneath the cosmetic surface of leadership to probe some of the deeper issues of leading and living. The subjects he addresses are not new. They are some of the timeless issues of human existence. Yet, Peter manages to make them fresh and relevant especially for the traditional business reader who may have substituted accounting for philosophy in college. More than any contemporary writer, Peter Koestenbaum makes classical philosophy accessible and actionable for anxious executives. The subtitle is not overstated, this is a blueprint for revolutionizing organizations and the people who lead them." —Robert M. Fulmer, distinguished visiting professor, Graziadio School of Business, Pepperdine University and academic director, Duke Corporate Education

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List of Figures, Tables, and Exhibits.

Foreword by Warren Bennis.


Part 1: Context.

Chapter 1: Introduction.

Heroic Leadership.


How This Book Is Organized.

Chapter 2: Your Heroic Journey.

Starting Off.

Becoming Unstuck.


Raising the Questions.

Addressing the Questions.

The Two Worlds of Leadership.

Eight Steps to Apply Philosophic Insight to the Real World.

Part 2: The Diamond at a Glance.

Chapter 3 The Change Agent′s Diamond.

The Diamond in Full.

Putting It All Together.


Chapter 4: The Diamond at Work.

Managing Today′s Alienation in the Workplace.

Using the Diamond in the Real World.

Business Applications Example I.

Images of the Leadership Mind.

In Sum.

Business Applications Example II.


Chapter 5: Secrets of Implementation.

The Language of Leadership.

The Turning Point.

An Ongoing Diamond Audit.

Intelligent Leadership Conversations and Strategic Intervention Moments.

The IdeaBank?.

Diamond Reverse Engineering?.

Advantages of Language Training.



Part 3: The Main Body of the Leadership Mind: Four Intelligence Tools.


Chapter 6: Ethics.

What Is Ethics?




Tough Love.

Chapter 7: Empathy.

The Essence of Empathy.

The Business of Relationships.



Why Should Anyone Be Ethical?

The Decision to Be Moral.

Chapter 8: Principle and Duty in Business.

Risk Deontology.

You Have a Choice.

What Is the Face of an Ethical Workplace?



Chapter 9: What Is Courage?

The Structure of Courage.

Radical Freedom.

Extreme Accountability.

Activity 1.

The Fourth "R".

Activity 2.

Activity 3.

Chapter 10: Freedom: The Structure of the Experience.

How Does It Feel to Be Free?

We Not Only Choose, We Also Choose to Choose.

Unconscious Freedom.

Anxiety and the Sense of Self.

Your Business Needs Your Freedom.

What Is the Upside of Freedom?

In Sum.


Chapter 11: The Resistance to Courage.

Two Meanings of Responsibility.


Chapter 12: A Bad Decision? A Case Study in Leadership Coaching.

The Situation.

The Analysis and Response.


Chapter 13: Courage as My–Body.

You Are Your Courage.

The Edge.


Chapter 14: Pain and the Tragic Sense of Life: The Phoenix Factor.


Counteracting Evil.

An Inner Struggle: Job Change.

The Rule of Reason . . . or Passion.

In Sum.



Chapter 15: Reality: The Zone that Gives No Quarter.

Humanity in Danger.

The Nature of Hardness: Do You Really "Get It"?

The Structure of Reality.

Where Is Your Reality?


The Leader′s Task.

What′s the Cash Value?


Chapter 16: Image: Multiple Perspectives.




Subjective Perspective.

Keeping Distance.



Chapter 17: Vision.

The Importance of Visionary Intelligence.



Tips for Developing Genius.


Chapter 18: Genius: Ways to Expand Visioning.



Resisting: A Final Word on the Obstacles.

Part 4: The Main Body of the Leadership Mind: Two Mastery Tools.


Chapter 19: Polarity.

Polarity and Adaptation.


Co–Creation and Subjective Perspectives.

Prediction and Transformation.

Polarity As a Deep Structure.

Polarity and the Bottom Line.

Polarity Mapping.

The Conscientious Objector.


Chapter 20: Greatness.

Part 5: Appendices: Using the Total Diamond.

Appendix A: The Magic Matrix.

Quick Test, Diagnosis, and Healing.

Compensating for the Shadow.


Appendix B: Mastery Resources.

The Rings/Arenas of Life.

The Master Worksheet.

Client Marketing Profile.

The OD Practitioner′s Checklist.

The "Nay" Sayers.

Your Twelve–Step Organizational Attitude and Implementation Audit.

Questions and Answers.


About the Author.


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Peter Koestenbaum
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