Successful Single–Sex Classrooms. A Practical Guide to Teaching Boys & Girls Separately

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Successful Single–Sex Classrooms

From the acclaimed Gurian Institute comes an essential resource for teachers and administrators who want to establish single–gender classes, and for anyone already working in schools public, private, or parochial with single–sex programs. The book offers educators important information about gender–based brain science and provides practical, effective strategies for single–sex schools and classrooms.

In Successful Single–Sex Classrooms, Michael Gurian, Kathy Stevens, and Peggy Daniels authorities on gender and learning focus on topics that are essential to creating, maintaining, and maximizing single– sex innovations:

  • Tips for creating a single–sex program in a school or community
  • Cutting–edge scientific research on how boys′ and girls′ brains learn differently
  • Ideas for relationship building in the single–gender classroom
  • Proven strategies for teaching core curricula to girls and boys
  • Helpful, classroom–tested teaching methods for language arts, math, science, and social studies

Throughout the book are creative, practical, and easy–to–implement ideas for setting up boy–friendly and girl–friendly classrooms.

Successful Single–Sex Classrooms will help to infuse a new level of excitement for teachers in their work with girls and boys, and ensure greater learning for all students in the classroom.

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PART ONE The Case for Single–Sex Classrooms.

ONE Single–Sex Classrooms Are Succeeding.

TWO How Boys and Girls Learn Differently.

PART TWO Setting Up and Maintaining Your Single–Sex Program.

THREE Setting Up a Single–Sex Instructional Program.

FOUR Four Tools for Evaluating Your Existing Single–Sex Instructional Program.

PART THREE Teaching to the Learning Strengths of Boys and Girls.

FIVE A Boy–Friendly Classroom What Does It Look Like?

SIX A Girl–Friendly Classroom What Does It Look Like?

SEVEN Strategies for Teaching Core Curricula to Boys.

EIGHT Strategies for Teaching Core Curricula to Girls.

NINE Building Relationships Through Single–Sex Experiences.




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MICHAEL GURIAN is an educator and the New York Times bestselling author of The Wonder of Boys, The Minds of Boys, Boys and Girls Learn Differently! and The Wonder of Girls. The Gurian Institute, which he co–founded, conducts research and trains educators in single–sex and co–educational environments throughout the world.

KATHY STEVENS is executive director of the Gurian Institute, with twenty–five years of experience in the classroom. She is also co–author of The Minds of Boys, Strategies for Teaching Boys & Girls: Elementary Level, and Strategies for Teaching Boys & Girls: Secondary Level.

PEGGY DANIELS is a Gurian Institute master trainer with more than 30 years of experience as a teacher and administrator. At Carolina Day Middle School, she is principal of one of the nation′s most successful single–sex programs.

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