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Innovation in a Reinvented World. 10 Essential Elements to Succeed in the New World of Business + Website

  • ID: 2218273
  • Book
  • November 2011
  • Region: Global
  • 304 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd


"Dee McCrorey provides a compelling blueprint for reinvigorating the innovative advantage of companies and other organizations. If business and policy leaders heed the straightforward road map for business success posited in this important new book, her unique insights may trigger a new golden era for American innovative leadership." DAVID B. AUDRETSCH, Distinguished Professor and Ameritech Chair of Economic Development, Indiana University

"Never before has a business book been so engaging to read. It provides a straight–to–the–heart analysis of critical components to success that are actionable and applicable to all industries and levels of the organization. This book offers real–world case studies in addition to practical tools, which enable you to assess and implement within your own sphere of operation. It′s one of the few books that I will refer to on a regular basis." HEATHER BRIEN, MBA, Chief Operating Officer, Voleon Capital Management

"This book is a must–read for game–changing business executives, managers, and entrepreneurs. Dee McCrorey clearly presents proven, practical steps for surviving and thriving in our fast and ever–changing economic environment. Readers will find the Best Practices interviews with successful business leaders to be insightful and an invaluable resource that can help guide the reinvention and transformation of their management practices and company." DENNIS REKER, retired director, Worldwide Acquisitions and New Business Development, Intel Corporation

"Innovation in a Reinvented World is a must–read for every business leader and professional. Dee McCrorey has clearly outlined the future of business and the importance of embracing disruption and discontinuity for companies to be successful. In this groundbreaking book, there are critical insights and direction to understanding unique and unusual employee skill sets and reinventing organizations for major inevitable transitions. McCrorey′s timing is impeccable!" CHRISTINE ADZICH, Technology Sales Executive, Gartner; film and TV producer

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Introduction: Great Recession, Great Disruptions.

Disruptions Are All Around Us.

Where are the Seismic Struggles?

What Happened?

Connecting the Dots: The 10 Essential Elements.

Chapter 1: The Old World of Business versus the New World of Business in Four Major Industries.

Industry Snapshot: Retail –– Circuit City Stores, Inc.

Industry Snapshot: Technology & Telecommunications –– Motorola, Inc.

Industry Snapshot: Transportation –– Airlines, Rails, and Automobiles.

Industry Snapshot: Journalism, News Media, and Publishing.

Facing the Facts: The Old Rules No Longer Work.

New Rules for a Reinvented World.

The Takeaway.

Part 1: Succeeding in the New World of Business.

Chapter 2: Element #1: Vision and Values.

EMC: Mark S. Lewis, Chief Strategy Officer (IIP).

Zuvo Water: Andy Butler, CEO.

Anita Borg Institute: Dr. Telle Whitney, President & CEO, and Jerri Barrett, VP of Marketing.

Fresh Lifelines for Youth: Christa Gannon, Founder & Executive Director, and Skye DeLano, Director of Development.

The Takeaway.

Chapter 3: Element #2: Entrepreneurship.

EMC: Steve Todd, Distinguished Engineer, Author, Intrapreneur.

Synopsys: Rich Goldman, VP Corporate Marketing & Strategic Alliances, CEO Synopsys Armenia.

The Bridge Group: Reiko Emmi–Sota, Cultural Ambassador.

The Takeaway.

Chapter 4: Element #3: Navigation.

EMC: John T. (Jack) Mollen, EVP Human Resources.

EMC′s Innovation Engine.

Policy versus Guiding Principles.

A Culture of Change.

Continuous Learning.

Setbacks Happen.

Things Always Change.

EMC: Gwen Weld, VP of Global People and Infrastructure.

Builders versus Maintaining Status Quo.

The Mentoring Role.

A Day in the Life of a Merger.

Human Resource Trends.

Zuvo Water: Ray Brown, VP Marketing.

The Road Less Traveled.

Environmental Trends, Zuvo Opportunities..

Vision with a Purpose.

MicroEnterprise Journal: Dawn Rivers Baker, Publisher, Journalist.

Microbusiness: A Growing Phenomenon.

Poverty and the Micro–Owner.

Dawn′s Golden Nuggets.

A New Dawn.

The Takeaway.

Coming Up Next.

Chapter 5: Element #4: Responsible Risktaking.

EMC: Kathrin R. Winkler, VP of Corporate Sustainability.

Honesty: The Best Supplier Policy.

Innovation and Sustainability.

Sustainability Challenges.

Giving Back.

M–Cubed Global: Exley Mixon, CEO.

Not for the Faint of Heart.

Green Becomes the Thing.

Sometimes It Pays to be Small.

A Cyclical World.

Zuvo Water: Elizabeth Flammini, Chief Evangelist,  Director of Marketing.

Timing is Everything.

Why Zuvo?

Connecting the Dots.

The Takeaway.

Coming Up Next.

Chapter 6: Element #5: Disruption and Discontinuity.

West Valley College: Dr. Lori Gaskin, President.

Reinventing an Institution.

New Reality, New Opportunities.

Shifting Sands.

EMC: Dr. Patricia Florissi, Chief Technology Officer, Americas.

Information Trends.

Change Is Constant.

EMC: Linda Connly, VP and GM, SMB Division & Inside Sales, Americas.

Everything Changes.

Being Small Offers Big Opportunities.

The Journey to EMC.

Leading in Fearful Times.

The Takeaway.

Chapter 7: Element #6: Experimental and Exploration.

EMC: Bill Cook, President, Data Computing Division.

Zuvo Water: Brian Godfrey, Lab Manager, Research and Development Engineer

The Takeaway.

Chapter 8: Element #7: Innovation and Invention.

EMC: Jeffrey M. Nick, Sr. VP and Chief Technology Officer.

Recession as Catalyst.

Powerful Mega–Trends.

Innovation: Voice of the Customer.

Organizational Knowledge.

Information and Due Diligence.

Latinas in Computing: Dr. Patricia Lopez, Technologist and Inventor.

Women in Technology.

Innovation in Business.

Reinventing U.S. Education.

The U.S. Workplace: Leading and Lagging.

Mentoring: Level the Playing Field.

Developing a Passion for Computing.

Success, Setbacks, Lessons Learned: Influence and Trust.

EMC: Dr. Burt Kaliski, Sr. Director, Innovation Network, Office of the CTO.

Career Planning in Front of the Curve.

Connecting and Collaborating.

Sharing and Implementing Best Practices.

Continuous Learning.

Playing in the Clouds.

The Takeaway.

Coming Up Next.

Chapter 9: Element #8: Transition and Training.

SAP Labs N. America: Phyllis Stewart Pires, Sr. Director, Community Experience, Gender Diversity Expert.

New World Transitions: Gayle Uchida, Consultant.

Zuvo Water: Phil Houdek, VP Engineering and Operations, Quality Office.

The Takeaway.

Chapter 10: Element #9: Networking and Collaboration.

EMC: Sheryl Chamberlain, Sr. Director, Technology Alliances.

Navigating a Legacy.

The Next Opportunity.

Synopsys: Karen Bartleson, Sr. Director, Community Marketing.

Career Building Blocks.

F Gordon Group: Dr. Francine Gordon, CEO.

Continuous Innovation.

Talent: A Shifting Resource.

Innovating Across the Board.

Innovation: The Next Generation.

The Takeaway.

Coming Up Next.

Chapter 11: Element #10: Execution.

Zuvo Water: Margaret Diesel, VP Finance.

Innovating in Real–Time.

Growth and Sustaining the Business.

It′s the Vision.

Cisco Systems: Dr. Tara Collison, Sr. Manager, Corporate Affairs.

Learning the Lessons.

Zuvo Water, Esterina Gentilcore, Social Responsibility Manager.

Success is Sweet.

The Takeaway.

Coming Up Next.

Part 2: The Practical Side of Reinvention.

Chapter 12: Navigating Your Way: Implementing the 10 Essential Elements.

Different Approaches to Reinvention.

Reinventing the Organization.

Reinventing the Leader.

Reinventing the Career Professional.

The Takeaway.

Coming Up Next.

Chapter 13: The Reinventing Organization.

Is Your Organization Reinvention Ready?

Timeframe Considerations.

Future Proofing the Organization.

Strategic Planning.

Strategic Gap Analysis.

Measuring the Success of Your Execution.

The Takeaway.

Coming Up Next.

Chapter 14: The Reinventing Leader.

Are You a Reinvention–Ready Leader?

Transitions, Disruptions and Innovation.

Transition Trends.

Embracing Leadership Disruptions.

The Takeaway.

Coming Up Next.

Chapter 15: The Reinventing Careet Professional.

Are You a Reinvention Ready Career Professional?

Thriving in the New World of Business.

Innovation as Career Capital.

Managing your Personal Inflection Curve.


Peripheral Vision.

Connecting the Dots.

The Takeaway.



Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Dee McCrorey
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown