Crash Proof 2.0. How to Profit From the Economic Collapse. 2nd Edition

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Praise for Crash Proof and Crash Proof 2.0

"Schiff was warning us about our fragile economic foundation long before the first cracks started to appear. There are plenty of market cheerleaders out there, but if you want advice from a market realist who has been proven right again and again, read this book."
Glenn Beck, host, The Glenn Beck Program

"The dot–com implosion proves that we all need Peter Schiff′s vision of investing. His view is so global and so unique in its approach, and at a time when we all should be looking to crash–proof our portfolios, Schiff offers us this much–needed life–raft."
Liz Claman, anchor, Fox Business Network

"For those accustomed to America′s economic dominance, Crash Proof is a frighteningly forthright wake–up call. But Peter Schiff is one Cassandra whose voice deserves your rapt attention. Devoid of the usual Wall Street spin, this frank and prophetic read will make you reconsider the very foundations on which your financial house is built."
Jonathan Hoenig, Portfolio Manager, Capitalistpig Hedge Fund LLC and Fox News Channel analyst

"Schiff does an outstanding job of outlining the dangers to individual investors of the current economic environment and presents a plausible plan about how to deal with the risks."
David W. Tice, Chief Portfolio Manager, Prudent Bear Funds

"A sober assessment of the financial problems facing our country. Reading this book will prepare you for potential outcomes that Wall Street and the mainstream financial media are completely unaware of."
Bill Fleckenstein, founder and President of Fleckenstein Capital and Money columnist

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Author′s Note,Crash Proof 2.0.


Introduction: The Delusion of Real Wealth.

1 The Slippery Slope: Consumers, Not Producers.

2 What Uncle Sam, the Mass Media, and Wall Street Don′t Want You to Know.

3 For a Few Dollars More: Our Declining Currency.

4 Inflation Nation: The Federal Reserve Fallacy.

5 My Kingdom for a Buyer: Stock Market Chaos.

6 They Burst Bubbles, Don′t They?: The Coming Real Estate Debacle.

7 Come On In, the Water′s Fine: Our Consumer Debt Problem.

8 How to Survive and Thrive, Step 1: Rethinking Your Stock Portfolio.

9 How to Survive and Thrive, Step 2: Gold Rush––Be the First Person on Your Block to Stake a Claim.

10 How to Survive and Thrive, Step 3: Stay Liquid.


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Peter D. Schiff
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