Beef Practice. Cow-Calf Production Medicine

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Beef Practice: Cow–Calf Production Medicine is a comprehensive reference book for students in animal science and veterinary medicine, practitioners, and nutritionists who work with beef producers. Combining beef production and veterinary diagnosis and treatment, this title provides access to clear, concise, and comprehensive information to veterinarians and animal scientists working with beef producers. Primarily with the cow–calf stocker system, Chenoweth and Sanderson also address:

Record and Epidemiology

Herd Health

Biosecurity for Beef Production Nutrition

Behavior and Handling

Bull Assessment and Management Assisted Reproduction

Calving and Calf Management

Economics Quality Assurance


Environment Health Management of Cows and Calves
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Introduction (Peter J. Chenoweth and Gary Rupp).

Cow/Calf Production Principles (Peter J. Chenoweth).

Record and Epidemiology for Production Medicine (Michael W. Sanderson).

Herd Health Management (Peter J. Chenoweth).

Biosecurity for Beef Cow/Calf Production (Michael W. Sanderson and David R. Smith).

Beef Cowherd Nutrition and Management (T. T. Marstonj).

Behavior and Handling (Temple Grandin).

Replacement Heifers (R. L. Larson).

Breeding Bull Selection, Assessment, and Management (Peter J. Chenoweth).

Assisted Reproduction (Peter J. Chenoweth).

Calving and Calf Management in Beef Herds (Michael W. Sanderson).

Beef Cattle Economics and Finance (Grant Dewell and Thomas Kasari).

Beef Quality Assurance (D. Dee Griffin).

Cow/Calf Welfare Considerations (Peter J. Chenoweth).

Environmental Aspects of Livestock Production (Glenn Nader, Gary Veserat, Valerie Veserat, and Lee Fitzhugh).


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Peter J. Chenoweth
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