Research Writing in Dentistry

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Research Writing in Dentistry provides its readers with a uniquely practical guide to selecting, designing, and writing up a research project. Of particular use to the dental student, both pre– and post–doctoral, this is a no–nonsense guide that presents concrete advice and information that can be absorbed quickly and effectively. By asking simple questions, the useful book enables readers to develop, analyze and present a program of research work.

Research Writing in Dentistry begins with the basic principles of research: what it is and how to select a topic and plan a program. It then moves on to discuss study design, methods and materials, presenting results and undertaking a literature review.  It concludes with a section on basic statistics and analysis. Precepts and guidance are illustrated throughout with examples from dentistry.

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PART I. Organizing, Writing and Performing Dental Research.

Chapter 1 Introduction.

Chapter 2 What is research?

Chapter 3 Research planning.

Chapter 4 Performing research.

Chapter 5 How to design a research study.

Chapter 6 Non–bench Research.

Chapter 7 Sources of Error and Avoiding the "Whoops" Factor.

Chapter Chapter 8 Reports, dissertations and papers.

Chapter 9 The Literature review.

Chapter 10 Methods and materials.

Chapter 11 Results.

Chapter 12 Discussion.

Chapter 13 Conclusions.

Chapter 14 The Abstract.

Chapter 15 Writing Style and Technique.

Chapter 16 Getting published.

PART II. Statistics and Statistical Analysis.

Chapter 17 Basic statistics.

Chapter 18 Data and data distributions.

Chapter 19 Averages (measures of central tendency).

Chapter 20 Measures of dispersion.

Chapter 21 Probability and the Normal curve.

Chapter 22 Presentation of data.

Chapter 23 Comparing sample means.

Chapter 24 Student′s "t" test.

Chapter 25 Analysis of variance.

Chapter 26 Power analysis.

Chapter 27 Multiple comparisons.

Chapter 28 Chi square (P2) test.

Chapter 29 Correlation and regression.

Chapter 30 Weibull analysis.

Chapter 31 Ranking tests.

Chapter 32 Suggestions for further reading.

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J. Anthony von Fraunhofer
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