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Nonthermal Processing Technologies for Food. Institute of Food Technologists Series

  • ID: 2221910
  • Book
  • January 2011
  • 672 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
Nonthermal Processing Technologies for Food offers a comprehensive review of nonthermal processing technologies that are commercial, emerging or over the horizon. In addition to the broad coverage, leading experts in each technology serve as chapter authors to provide depth of coverage. Technologies covered include: physical processes, such as high pressure processing (HPP); electromagnetic processes, such as pulsed electric field (PEF), irradiation, and UV treatment; other nonthermal processes, such as ozone and chlorine dioxide gas phase treatment; and combination processes. Of special interest are chapters that focus on the "pathway to commercialization" for selected emerging technologies where a pathway exists or is clearly identified. These chapters provide examples and case studies of how new and nonthermal processing technologies may be commercialized. Overall, the book provides systematic knowledge to industrial readers, with numerous examples of process design to serve as a reference book. Researchers, professors and upper level students will also find the book a valuable text on the subject.
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Foreword (Dietrich Knorr).


Introduction (Gustavo V. Barbosa–Canovas and Daniela Bermudez–Aguirre).

Section I. Physical Processes.

1. Fundamentals of Food Processing Using High Pressure (Loc Thai Nguyen and V.M. Balasubramaniam).

2. High–Pressure Processing Equipment Fundamentals (Edmund Ting).

3. High–Pressure Processing Pathways to Commercialization (Daniel F. Farkas).

4. Case Studies on High–Pressure Processing of Foods (Carole Tonello).

5. Microbiological Aspects of High–Pressure Food Processing (Elaine P. Black, Cynthia M. Stewart, and Dallas G. Hoover).

6. Biochemical Aspects of High–Pressure Food Processing (Maite A. Chauvin and Barry G. Swanson).

7. Sensory Quality of Pressure–Treated Foods (Alan O. Wright).

8. Hydrodynamic Pressure Processing of Meat Products (M.B. Solomon, M. Sharma, and J.R. Patel).

9. Physicochemical Effects of High–Intensity Ultrasonication on Food Proteins and Carbohydrates (Jochen Weiss, Ibrahim Gulseren, and Gunnar Kjartansson).

10. Ultrasonic Processing (Hao Feng and Wade Yang).

Section II. Electromagnetic Processes.

11. Pulsed Electric Fields Processing Basics (Olga Mart n–Belloso and Robert Soliva–Fortuny).

12. Engineering Aspects of Pulsed Electric Fields (Bilge Altunakar and Gustavo V. Barbosa–Cánovas).

13. Pulsed Electric Field Assisted Extraction A Case Study (Stefan Toepfl and Volker Heinz).

14. Improving Electrode Durability of PEF Chamber by Selecting Suitable Material (Minjung Kim and Howard Q. Zhang).

15. Radio Frequency Electric Fields as a Nonthermal Process (David J. Geveke).

16. Use of Oscillating Magnetic Fields in Food Preservation (Nuria Grigelmo–Miguel, Robert Soliva–Fortuny, Gustavo V. Barbosa–Canovas, and Olga Mart n–Belloso).

17. Irradiation of Ground Beef and Fresh Produce (Christopher Sommers and Xuetong Fan).

18. Pulsed Ultraviolet Light (Ali Demirci and Kathiravan Krishnamurthy).

19. Ultraviolet–C Light Processing of Liquid Food Products (J.A. Guerrero–Beltran and G.V. Barbosa–Canovas).

20. Nonthermal Plasma as a Novel Food Processing Technology (Brendan A. Niemira and Alexander Gutsol).

Section III. Other Nonthermal Processes.

21. Basics of Ozone Sanitization and Food Applications (Ahmed E. Yousef, Mustafa Vurma, and Luis A. Rodriguez–Romo).

22. Case Studies of Ozone in Agri–Food Applications (Rip G. Rice, Dee M. Graham, and Charles D. Sopher).

23. Ozone Pathway to Commercialization (James T.C. Yuan).

24. Effects of Dense Phase CO2 on Quality Attributes of Beverages (Sibel Damar and Murat O. Balaban).

25. Chlorine Dioxide (Gas) (Lindsey A. Keskinen and Bassam A. Annous).

26. Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water (Ali Demirci and Katherine L. Bialka).

Section IV. Combination Processes.

27. Novel Technologies in Combined Processes (Santiago Condon, Pilar Manas, and Guillermo Cebrian).

28. Nonthermal Processes as Hurdles with Selected Examples (Robert Soliva–Fortuny, Nuria Grigelmo–Miguel, Gustavo V. Barbosa–Canovas, and Olga Mart n–Belloso).

29. Bacteriocins as Natural Antilisterial Food Preservatives (Li Liu, R. Paul Ross, Colin Hill, and Paul D. Cotter).

30. Antimicrobial Packaging (Dong Sun Lee and Jung H. Han).

Section V. Driving Forces.

31. Consumer Trends and Perception of Novel Technologies (Christine M. Bruhn).

32. Consumer and Sensory Issues for Development and Marketing (Armond V. Cardello, Robert Kluter, and Alan O. Wright).

33. Effects of High–Pressure Processing and Pulsed Electric Fields on Nutritional Quality and Health–Related Compounds of Fruit and Vegetable Products (Concepcion Sanchez–Moreno, Begona De Ancos, Luc a Plaza, Pedro Elez–Mart nez, and M. Pilar Cano).

34. Industrial Evaluation of Nonthermal Technologies (Huub Lelieveld).

35. Transferring Emerging Food Technologies into the Market Place (Authos Yannakou).

36. New Tools for Microbiological Risk Assessment, Risk Management, and Process Validation Methodology (Cynthia M. Stewart, Martin B. Cole, Dallas G. Hoover, and Larry Keener).

37. Regulations and Alternative Food–Processing Technologies (Stephen H. Spinak and John W. Larkin).

38. Future Prospects for Nonthermal Processing Technologies Linking Products with Technologies (C. Patrick Dunne).

Section VI. Appendices: Fact Sheets.

Appendix 1. High Pressure Processing.

The Ohio State University Extension.

Appendix 2. Pulsed Electric Field Processing.

The Ohio State University Extension.

Appendix 3. Ozone.

The International Ozone Association.

Appendix 4. Food Irradiation.

University of California, Davis.

Appendix 5. Irradiation: A Safe Measure for Safer Iceberg Lettuce and Spinach.

Food and Drug Administration.

Appendix 6. Pulsed Light Treatment.

Cornell University.

Appendix 7. Power Ultrasound.

Washington State University.


Color Plate.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Howard Q. Zhang
Gustavo V. Barbosa–Cánovas
V. M. Bala Balasubramaniam
C. Patrick Dunne
Daniel F. Farkas
James T. C. Yuan
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown