How the Circulatory System Works

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Not just another book on circulatory system physiology, this book includes 10 "lectures" that are presented in a light, entertaining style, with each lecture building on the previous one making it easy for the reader to comprehend the vastly complicated functions of the circulatory system.

The author succeeds in telling a clear, interesting story. The length of the story has intentionally been kept short; it is neither exhaustively complete nor over–simplified. The story is enriched by details about basic biologic mechanisms and clever ways nature has solved a problem or achieved a result.

This book will be a tremendous resource for the student of health science to help him or her understand and organize the topic; the established professional will appreciate the clarity and simplicity of the basic information that is sometimes dimmed by a plethora of details; and the general reader will satisfy his or her curiosity about the circulatory system and how it sustains life.

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How to Use This Book.

1. An Overview of the Circulatory System.

2. The Heart.

3. The Arteries.

4. The Capillaries.

5. The Veins.

6. The Blood.

7. Special Circulation.

8. Coupling Heart and Vessels.

9. Diseases.

10. Exercise: The Final Kick.



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