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Handbook of Clinical Obstetrics. The Fetus and Mother. 2nd Edition

  • ID: 2222447
  • Book
  • November 2006
  • 596 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
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The second edition of this quick reference handbook for obstetricians and gynecologists and primary care physicians is designed to complement the parent textbook
Clinical Obstetrics: The Fetus & Mother

The third edition of Clinical Obstetrics: The Fetus & Mother is unique in that it gives in–depth attention to the two patients fetus and mother, with special coverage of each patient. Clinical Obstetrics thoroughly reviews the biology, pathology, and clinical management of disorders affecting both the fetus and the mother.

Clinical Obstetrics
: The Fetus & Mother – Handbook provides the practising physician with succinct, clinically focused information in an easily retrievable format that facilitates diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment. When you need fast answers to specific questions, you can turn with confidence to this streamlined, updated reference.

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Preface to the First Edition.


Part I: Conception and Conceptus Development.

1 Early conceptus growth and immunobiologic adaptations of pregnancy (Kenneth H.H. Wong and Eli Y. Adashi).

2 Normal embryonic and fetal development (Trivedi Vidhya N. Persaud and Jean C. Hay).

Part II: Pregnancy and the Fetoplacental Unit.

3 Normal and abnormal placentation (Soheila Korourian and Luis De Las Casas).

4 Fetoplacental perfusion and transfer of nutrients (Henry L. Galan and Frederick C. Battaglia).

5 Endocrinology of pregnancy and the placenta (Alan DeCherney, Jessica Spencer, Tim Chard, and Karen A. Hutchinson).

Part III: Fetal Developmental Biology.

6 Fetal lung development and amniotic fluid analysis (Ian Gross and Matthew J. Bizzarro).

7 Fetal cardiovascular physiology and response to stress conditions (Jean–Claude Fouron and Amanda Skoll).

8 Fetal endocrinology (Charles E. Wood and Maureen Keller–Wood).

Part IV: Variations in Embryonal and Fetal Growth and Development.

9 Sporadic and recurrent pregnancy loss (Robert M. Silver and D. Ware Branch).

10 Ectopic and heterotopic pregnancies (Arnon Wiznitzer and Eyal Sheiner).

11 Multifetal pregnancies: epidemiology, clinical characteristics, and management (Michelle Smith–Levitin, Daniel W. Skupski, and Frank A. Chervenak).

12 Biology of normal and deviant fetal growth (Andrée Gruslin and the late Carl A. Nimrod).

Part V: Fetal Infections and Teratogenesis.

13 Developmental toxicology, drugs, and fetal teratogenesis (Robert L. Brent and Lynda B. Fawcett).

14 Drugs, alcohol abuse, and effects in pregnancy (Stephen R. Carr and Donald R. Coustan).

15 Teratogenic viruses (Antonio V. Sison).

16 Transplacentally acquired microbial infections in the fetus (Santosh Pandipati and Ronald S. Gibbs).

17 Antibiotics and other antimicrobial agents in pregnancy and during lactation(Janet I. Andrews and Jennifer R. Niebyl).

Part VI: Fetal Diseases.

18 Principles of human genetics: chromosomal and single–gene disorders (Joe Leigh Simpson and Maurice J. Mahoney).

19 Basic principles of ultrasound (Mladen Predanic, Frank A. Chervenak, and E. Albert Reece).

20 Prenatal diagnosis of central nervous system malformations (Gianluigi Pilu and Sandro Gabrielli).

21 Prenatal diagnosis of thoracic and cardiac abnormalities (Gianluigi Pilu, Philippe Jeanty, and Juliana M.B. Leite).

22 Gastrointestinal and genitourinary anomalies (Sandro Gabrielli, Nicola Rizzo, and E. Albert Reece).

23 Fetal skeletal anomalies (Luís F. Gonçalves, Patricia L. Devers, Jimmy Espinoza, and Roberto Romero).

24 First– and second–trimester prenatal diagnosis (John C. Hobbins).

25 First– and second–trimester screening for open neural tube defects and Down syndrome (James E. Haddow, Glenn E. Palomaki, and Ronald J. Wapner).

Part VII: Methods of Evaluation of Fetal Development and Well–being.

26 Prenatal diagnosis of deviant fetal growth (E. Albert Reece and Zion J. Hagay).

27 Three– and four–dimensional ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging in pregnancy (Teresita L. Angtuaco).

28 Doppler ultrasonography and fetal well–being (Brian J. Trudinger).

29 Antepartum and intrapartum surveillance of the fetus and the amniotic fluid (Lami Yeo, Michael G. Ross, and Anthony M. Vintzileos).

Part VIII: Fetal Therapy.

30 The fetus at surgery (Robert H. Ball and Michael R. Harrison).

31 Fetal medical treatment (Mark I. Evans, Yuval Yaron, Charles S. Kleinman, and Alan W. Flake).

Part IX: Maternal Biological Adaptations to Pregnancy.

32 Maternal biological, biomechanical, and biochemical changes in pregnancy (Edward K.S. Chien and Helen Feltovich).

33 Maternal nutrition (Barbara Luke).

Part X: Maternal Diseases Complicating Pregnancy.

34 Trauma, shock, and critical care obstetrics (Erin A.S. Clark, Gary A. Dildy, and Steven L. Clark).

35 Hypertensive diseases in pregnancy (Frederick U. Eruo and Baha M. Sibai).

36 Cardiac diseases in pregnancy (Kjersti Aagaard–Tillery and Steven L. Clark).

37 Maternal pulmonary disorders complicating pregnancy (Steven L. Clark and Calla Holmgren).

38 Diabetes mellitus in pregnancy (Carol J. Homko, Zion J. Hagay, and E. Albert Reece).

39 Endocrine disorders in pregnancy (Fred H. Faas).

40 Gastrointestinal diseases complicating pregnancy (Washington Clark Hill and Alfred D. Fleming).

41 Liver disease in pregnancy (Vivek Raj).

42 Pregnancy complicated by renal disorders (Michelle W. Krause and Sudhir V. Shah).

43 Neurological disorders in pregnancy (R. Lee Archer, Stacy A. Rudnicki, and Bashir S. Shihabuddin).

44 Thromboembolic disorders of pregnancy (Michael J. Paidas, Christian M. Pettker, and Charles J. Lockwood).

45 Coagulation and hematological disorders of pregnancy (Carl P. Weiner and Chien Oh).

46 Maternal alloimmunization and fetal hemolytic disease (Anita C. Manogura and Carl P. Weiner).

47 Maternal infections, human immunodeficiency virus infection, and sexually transmitted diseases in pregnancy (Richard L. Sweet and Howard Minkoff).

48 Rheumatologic and connective tissue disorders in pregnancy (Gustavo F. Leguizamón and E. Albert Reece).

49 Dermatologic disorders during pregnancy (Thomas D. Horn and Jerri Hoskyn).

50 Cancer and other neoplasms in pregnancy (Peter E. Schwartz and Masoud Azodi).

Part XI: Medicosocial Considerations in Pregnancy.

51 Pregnancy before age 20 years and after age 35 years (Helen H. Kay).

52 Essentials in biostatistics and perinatal epidemiology (Paula K. Roberson and Benjamin P. Sachs).

53 Sexuality in pregnancy and the postpartum period (Kirsten von Sydow).

54 Psychiatric problems during pregnancy and the puerperium (Linda L.M. Worley and Jennifer L. Melville).

55 Ethical and legal dimensions of medicine of the pregnant woman and fetus (Judith L. Chervenak, Frank A. Chervenak, and Laurence B. McCullough).

Part XII: Obstetric and Peripartal Events.

56 Bleeding in the third trimester (Lawrence W. Oppenheimer and the late Carl A. Nimrod).

57 Normal and abnormal labor (Wayne R. Cohen).

58 Operative vaginal delivery (Edward R. Yeomans).

59 Preterm labor (Erol Amon and Thomas D. Myles).

60 Prelabor rupture of the membranes (Joaquin Santolaya–Forgas, Roberto Romero, Jimmy Espinoza, Offer Erez, Lara A. Friel, Juan Pedro Kusanovic, Ray Bahado–Singh, and Jyh Kae Nien).

61 Prolonged pregnancy (Curtis L. Lowery and Paul Wendel).

62 Anesthesia in the high–risk patient (Danny Wilkerson and Richard B. Clark).

63 Puerperium and lactation: physiology of the reproductive system (Judy M. Hopkinson, Pamela D. Berens, and E. Albert Reece).

Part XIII: The Newborn Infant.

64 Premature birth and neurological complications (Alan Hill).

65 Common problems of the newborn (Fernando R. Moya and Matthew Laughon).


Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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E. Albert Reece MD, PhD, MBA
John C. Hobbins
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown