ECG Interpretation. The Self–Assessment Approach. 2nd Edition

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Accurate interpretation of the ECG is an essential skill for all health professionals. Using a unique self–assessment format, this book presents a comprehensive, incremental approach to ECG interpretation, progressing from basic to advanced concepts in electrocardiography. Amply illustrated with electrocardiograms both in the main text and the self–assessments,ECG Interpretation is a must–have practical guide that features:

An appealing, user–friendly format that will help with exam preparation
Clearly defined learning objectives to guide readers efficiently through the intricacies of ECG interpretation
Numerous practical examples of ECG strips to illustrate important concepts, including clean ECG strips to practice skills
Multiple–choice questions to consolidate learning and emphasize pertinent facts

This second edition has been thoroughly revised from the original 12–lead ECG Interpretation: The Self–Assessment Approach, with fully updated text, additional electrocardiograms and new chapters covering a variety of arrhythmias and ion channelopathies. The book is an essential aid to structured learning for electrophysiologists cardiologists in training, Internists, emergency room physicians, , medical students, nurses and. cardiac technicians.

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1 Complexes and intervals.

2 Mean QRS axis determination.

3 The normal electrocardiogram.

Self–Assessment Test One.

4 Intraventricular conduction defects.

5 Myocardial ischemia and infarction.

Self–Assessment Test Two.

6 Chamber enlargement and hypertrophy.

7 Acute pericarditis.

8 Sinus rhythm and its discontents.

Self–Assessment Test Three.

9 Atrioventricular block.

10 Atrial arrhythmias.

Self–Assessment Test Four.

11 Supraventricular re–entrant tachycardia.

12 The Wolff Parkinson White syndrome.

Self–Assessment Test Five.

13 Junctional arrhythmias.

14 Ventricular arrhythmias.

15 The channelopathies.

16 Electronic pacing.

Self–Assessment Test Six.

Further reading.

Answers to self–assessment tests.


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