A–Z of Dental Nursing

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TheA–Z of Dental Nursing is the indispensable revision–aid and reference for all dental nurses and other professions complimentary to dentistry.

The book is divided into two halves. The first is a dictionary offering concise definitions of common words, terms, names & phrases spanning each of the key topic areas such as: cross–infection, endodontics, anatomy and physiology, pathology, radiography and materials. The second half is a handy reference with sections on common abbreviations, charting, career paths, professional bodies, training, further reading and web resources.

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About the author; why this book; how to use it.

SECTION 1: Dictionary.

A–Z definitions covering the following areas:.

Anaesthesia e.g Local, Surface, General, Conscious Sedation.

Anatomy and Physiology e.g Salivary Glands, Tongue, Skull, Jaw.

Blood e.g Red Cells, White Cells, Platelets, Plasma.

Caries e.g Decay, Sugar, Demineralisation, Remineralisation.

Cross Infection/Sterilisation e.g Disinfectants, Autoclave, Hepatitis B&C, AIDS.

Digestion e.g Mastication, Swallowing, Saliva, Intestines.

Endodontics e.g Pulpitis, Vitality, Barbed Broach, Reamers.

Extractions and Minor Oral Surgery e.g Forceps, Elevator, Cryers, Dry Socket.

Fillings e.g Amalgam, Composite, Linings, Retention.

First Aid e.g. Collapse, Resuscitation, Epilepsy, Diabetes.

Heart & Circulation e.g. Ventricles, Pulmonary, Coronary.

Microbiology e.g. Viruses, Fungi, Cocci, Bacteria.

Orthodontics e.g. Occlusion, Supernumerary, Malocclusion.

Pathology e.g. Biopsy, Cyst, Inflammation, Immunity.

Periodontal Disease e.g. Plaque, Periodontitis, Supragingival.

Prescriptions e.g. Dispensing, Disposal, Allergy, Salbutamol.

Prosthetics e.g. Crown, Bridge, Denture.

Radiography e.g. Panoramic, Bitewing, Oblique, Extra–Oral Film.

Instruments e.g. Mirror, Probe, Escavator, Warwick James.

Materials e.g. Acid Etch, Alginate, Polycarboxylate.

SECTION II: Professional Reference.

Common Abbreviations: Used in note taking/writing.

Charting: Diagram of full mouth charting.

Career Paths: Specialisation (assessor, ortho nurse, radiography etc).

Professional Bodies: BADN, GDC, BDA etc.

Training Courses: NVQ Level 3 in Oral Health Care, National Certificate in Dental Nursing etc.

Publications: Further reading, BADN Magazine etc.

Useful Websites: Smle.co.uk, Medicruit etc.

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