Oral Rehabilitation. A Case–Based Approach

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This book provides its readers with a structured approach to decision making and case management in oral rehabilitation. It is built around actual patient cases from simple prosthodontics to complex full–mouth reconstructions, demonstrating a formal process by which a diagnosis and treatment plan is reached. Grounded firmly in evidence–based principles, the book also includes a chapter on literature searching in dentistry, which is critical for acquiring a knowledge base for informed decisions in clinical treatment.

Featuring an approach to prosthodontics and oral rehabilitation that is both instructional and practical, Oral Rehabilitation: A Case–Based Approach will help clinicians to develop the necessary skills to make consistent, evidence–based clinical decisions.


  • Presents a case–based process showing how diagnosis and treatment is achieved
  • Covers a range of clinical scenarios from simple to complex presentations
  • Illustrates each case fully, with stages documented by colour photographs
  • Emphasises interdisciplinary management in prosthodontics
  • Accompanied by a DVD containing an illustrative video clip relating to Chapter 6
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Contributors viii

Foreword ix

Acknowledgements x

Abbreviations xii

Section 1 Introduction and Literature Searching 1

Chapter 1 Introduction 3
Iven Klineberg and Diana Kingston

Websites 4

References 5

Chapter 2 Searching the Literature: An Evidence–Based Approach 6Diana Kingston

1. Needs identification 6

2. Selection of information sources 6

3. Concepts and their relationships 9

4. Terminology for concepts and relationships 10

5. Search design elements and launch points 12

6. Refinement and choice of search designs 13

7. Search history and display of references (records) 14

8. Evaluation of results 14

9. Conclusion and caveats 14

10. Further assistance (information/help/tutorials) 14

References 15

Section 2 Treatment Planning 17

Chapter 3 Consent and Clinician Patient RelationshipsDiana Kingston and Iven Klineberg

1. Bioethics and consent 19

2. Clinical decision–making 19

3. Consent and the law 20

4. Clinical confidentiality and privacy 20

5. Consent, autonomy and competence 20

6. Negligence and standards of care 21

7. Dentist patient relationship 21

References 21

Chapter 4 An Approach to Treatment Decision–Making 23Iven Klineberg

1. Treatment philosophy 23

2. Treatment planning a comprehensive strategy for optimising outcomes 24

3. Treatment sequencing 27

References 30

Chapter 5 Orofacial Pain and Temporomandibular Disorders 32Chris Peck

1. Introduction 32

2. Orofacial pain and temporomandibular disorder classification 32

3. Orofacial pain and temporomandibular disorder assessment 33

4. Orofacial pain and temporomandibular disorder management 37

References 40

Section 3 Management 43

Chapter 6 Diagnostic Planning and Tooth Preparation Technique: A Biological Approach 45Robin Hawthorn

1. Introduction 45

2. Tooth preparation technique 46

References 52

Chapter 7 Provisionalisation in Fixed Prosthodontics 53Max Guazzato, Robert Santosa and Johnson P.Y. Chou

1. Introduction 53

2. Short–term provisional fixed dental prostheses 53

3. Long–term provisional fi xed dental prostheses as interim restorative treatment 57

4. Conclusion 59

References 59

Chapter 8 Maintenance and Long–Term Outcomes 61Terry Walton

1. Considerations in the planning stage 61

2. The recall programme 62

3. The recall visit 64

4. Documentation 65

5. Routine maintenance versus retreatment 65

References 65

Section 4 Cases and Case Presentations 67

Introduction 69Iven Klineberg

Chapter 9 Single Tooth Restoration 73
Introduction by Iven Klineberg

Case 9.1 Mrs Kathryn H by Ken Hooi 75

Chapter 10 Tooth Wear 90
Introduction by Iven Klineberg

Case 10.1 Mr Michael M by Johnson P.Y. Chou 92

Case 10.2 Mr Graeme S by Max Guazzato 111

Case 10.3 Mr Nicholas H by Agnes Lai 137

Case 10.4 Ms Carmen P by Glen Liddelow 151

Chapter 11 The Broken Down Dentition 171
Introduction by Iven Klineberg

Case 11.1 Mr Divo C by Max Guazzato 173

Case 11.2 Mrs Lehong H by Agnes Lai 193

Case 11.3 Ms Cynthia B by Michael Lewis 215

Case 11.4 Ms Pamela C by Alan Yap 238

Chapter 12 Complete Edentulism 262
Introduction by Iven Klineberg

Case 12.1 Mr Arthur T by Tuan Dao 264

Case 12.2 Mr Atilla G by Michael Lewis 278

Chapter 13 Developmental Complications: Cleft Lip and Palate 294
Introduction by Christine Wallace

Case 13.1 Mr Louis S by Agnes Lai 296

Chapter 14 Congenital Malformations (Tooth Agenesis) 316
Introduction by Alan Yap

Case 14.1 Mr Grant H by Johnson P.Y. Chou 318

Case 14.2 Mr Tobiah J by Michael Lewis 340

Chapter 15 Rehabilitation after Tumour Surgery 364
Introduction by Christine Wallace

Case 15.1 Mrs Beryl K by Max Guazzato 366

Conclusion 393Iven Klineberg

Section 5 Appendices 395

Appendix 1 Programme overview 397Iven Klineberg

Appendix 2 Evidence Base for Case 10.2 (Mr Graeme S) 402

Appendix 3 Evidence Base for Case 11.1 (Mr Divo C) 406

Appendix 4 Case Summary Template 411

Index 419

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It is therefore reassuring to find a book of this calibre.  It underscores old principles and values as it seeks to reconcile erudition with prudence, scrupulous analysis with much wisdom.   (British Dental Association News, 1 November 2012)

This is a well presented book that looks at treatment planning and management  of various restorative cases, from single tooth restorations to full mouth rehabilitation .  .  . Overall , this is a well written , Illustrated and referenced textbook , to critically build one′ s knowledge–base and inform decisions on clinical treatment.   (British Dental Journal, 27 October 2012)

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown