Dermatologic Surgery. Step by Step

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Technological advances and inventive dermatologists continually increase the therapeutic options for dermatological procedures

The skin is strong yet fragile. It protects but is easily damaged. Repairing this damage effectively but with the minimal scarring for patients presents many challenges.

Dermatologic Surgery Step by Step enables you to learn the techniques needed for the successful implementation of proven skin–repair procedures in your practice. The stellar international cast of authors gently guide you through:

  • Pre–operative preparation
  • The techniques and approaches for each procedure
  • Post–operative care and follow–up

They alert you to potential complications and advise on how these can be avoided.

Demonstration by masters is the best teacher. The accompanying DVD video atlas provides extra learning opportunities so you can perfect your technique.

Dermatologic Surgery Step by Step covers the major procedures in contemporary dermatology, including:

  • Mohs Surgery
  • Reconstructive Surgery
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Laser–assisted surgery

Comprehensive yet concise, timely yet timeless, Dermatologic Surgery Step by Step should be your constant clinical companion.

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List of contributors, viii

Foreword, xv

Preface, xvi

Acknowledgements, xvii

List of videos, xviii

Part 1 Dermatologic Surgery, 1

1 Cutaneous anatomy in dermatologic surgery, 3Diana Bolotin, Lucille White, and Murad Alam

2 Surgical equipment and instrumentation, 14Joseph F. Sobanko and Ali Hendi

3 Anesthesia in dermatologic surgery, 20Jose E. Ollague, Marilyn Zabielinski, and Keyvan Nouri

4 Suturing techniques, 25Sonal Choudhary, Keyvan Nouri, Ploypailin Jungcharoensukying, and Mohamed L. Elsaie

5 Electrosurgery, 30Sonal Choudhary, Michael P. McLeod, and Susana Leal–Khouri

6 Biopsy techniques, 35Mohamed L. Elsaie; Voraphol Vejjabhinanta, and Keyvan Nouri

7 Mohs micrographic surgery, 37Michael P. McLeod and Keyvan Nouri

8 Skin grafts, 40Irene J. Vergilis–Kalner and Arash Kimyai–Asadi

9 Nail unit surgery, 46Karolyn A. Wanat, Adam I. Rubin, and Richard K. Scher

10 Cryosurgery, 51Paola Pasquali

11 Dermatologic surgery in ethnic skin, 58Mukta Sachdev and Rachana Shilpakar

12 Complications and emergencies in dermatologic surgery, 62Quenby L. Erickson and Scott W. Fosko

Part 2 Reconstructive Surgery, 69

13 Secondary intention healing, 71Michael P. McLeod, Keyvan Nouri, and Mohamed L. Elsaie

14 Side–to–side closure, 74Mohamed L. Elsaie, Keyvan Nouri, and Sonal Choudhary

15 Skin flaps, 77

General Tri H. Nguyen and Jamie L. McGinness Advancement Flaps Francis C. Hsiao and Summer R. Youker

Rotation Flaps Bichchau Michelle Nguyen and S. Brian Jiang

Transposition Flaps Katharine Ball Arefiev and Hayes B. Gladstone

Subcutaneous Island Pedicle Flap Michael P. McLeod, Sonal Choudhary, Marilyn Zabielinski, and Keyvan Nouri

16 Reconstruction of the nose, 96Brian S. Jewett

17 Reconstruction of the lips, 122Tariq Hossein, Shivam Joshi, Benjamin Lemelman, and Zubin J. Panthaki

18 Reconstruction of the eyelids, 129Jennifer I. Hui and David T. Tse

19 Reconstruction of the ears, 135Tri H. Nguyen and Michael R. Migden

20 Reconstruction of the cheeks, 146Divya Srivastava and R. Stan Taylor

21 Reconstruction of the forehead and temples, 151Christopher B. Yelverton and Glenn D. Goldman

22 Reconstruction of the scalp, 157Ravi S. Krishnan

23 Reconstruction and soft–tissue management of the trunk, 172Charles R. Volpe, Benjamin Cousins, and Zubin J. Panthaki

24 Reconstruction of the hand, 177S. Sara Yegiyants, Yash J. Avashia, and Zubin J. Panthaki

25 Treatment of Dupuytren s contracture by needle fibrotomy, 183Christopher Rowland Payne

Part 3 Cosmetic Surgery, 195

26 Treatment of acne scars, 197Frederico Hassin Sanchez

27 Dermabrasion, 207Inja Bogdan Allemann and Jürg Hafner

28 Hair transplantation, 212Marc Avram and Nicole Rogers

29 Chemical peeling, 217Doris M. Hexsel, Juliana Dumêt Fernandes, and Camile L. Hexsel

30 Liposuction, 223Gerhards Sattler, Sonja Sattler, Katherine M. Ferris, and Yasser Al–Qubaisy

31 Upper eyelid blepharoplasty, 228Wendy W. Lee and David B. Samimi

32 Facelifts, 233Lisa K. Chipps and Ronald L. Moy

33 Sclerotherapy, 240
Suveena Manhas–Bhutani and Neil S. Sadick

34 Botulinum toxin, 253Doris M. Hexsel, Mariana Soirefmann, and Camile L. Hexsel

35 Temporary fillers, 259

Autologous fat transfer Kavita Mariwalla and Rhoda S. Narins

Collagens Luitgard G. Wiest

Poly–L–lactic acid Katlein França, Yasser Alqubaisy, and Janelle Vega

An overview of the dermal filler calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse) Mariano Busso Hyaluronic acid fi llers Fredric S. Brandt, Joely Kaufman, Jeremy B. Green, Annelyse C. Ballin, and Alex Cazzaniga

36 Permanent fi llers: liquid silicone and polymethylmethacrylate, 286Derek Jones

37 Cosmetic dermatologic surgery in ethnic skin, 293Rekha Sheth, Amala Kamat, Asha Doshi, and Bhavini Lodaya

Part 4 Lasers, 299

38 Laser for treatment of vascular lesions, 301Mohamed L. Elsaie, Sonal Choudhary, Michael P. McLeod, and Keyvan Nouri

39 Laser treatment for pigmented lesions, 304Mohamed L. Elsaie, Sonal Choudhary, Katherine M. Ferris, Michael P. McLeod, and Keyvan Nouri

40 Laser treatment of tattoos, 307Mohamed L. Elsaie, Sonal Choudhary, Michael P. McLeod, Yasser Alqubaisy, and Keyvan Nouri

41 Lasers for hair removal, 310Mohamed L. Elsaie, Sonal Choudhary, Michael P. McLeod, and Keyvan Nouri

42 Laser and light treatment for hair transplantation and growth induction, 313Marc Avram

43 Laser treatment for keloid, hypertrophic, and surgical scars, 318Michael P. McLeod, Sonal Choudhary, Mohamed L. Elsaie, and Keyvan Nouri

44 Laser for treatment of leg veins, 320Suveena Manhas–Bhutani and Neil S. Sadick

45 Laser treatment for acne, 333Michael P. McLeod, Katlein França, Keyvan Nouri, and Mohamed L. Elsaie

46 Laser treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo, and alopecia areata, 337
Martin N. Zaiac, Andrea Federico Chen, and Christopher Spock

47 Lasers for skin resurfacing, 341Jennifer L. MacGregor and Tina S. Alster

48 Fractional resurfacing lasers: ablative and non–ablative, 349Jennifer L. MacGregor and Tina S. Alster

49 Non–invasive devices for fat removal, 359
Mathew M. Avram and Katherine M. Ferris

50 Laser and light treatment for wound healing, 363Raymond J. Lanzafame

51 Laser for in vivo skin cancer diagnosis. Reflectance confocal microscopy, 368Virginia Sánchez, Jesus Cuevas, Sergio Vañó–Galván, and Salvador González

52 Intense pulsed light, 376Klaus Fritz, George–Sorin Tiplica, and Berenike Lampert

53 Light–emitting diodes, 382Jennifer Chwalek and David J. Goldberg

54 Photodynamic therapy, 387Sonal Choudhary, Keyvan Nouri, and Mohamed L. Elsaie

55 Laser for skin tightening, 391Henry Hin Lee Chan

56 Radiofrequency for skin tightening, 396Flor A. Mayoral

57 Lasers for treatment of ethnic skin, 400Nicola P.Y. Chan and Henry Hin Lee Chan

Part 5 Topics Pertinent to the Practice of Dermatologic Surgery, 409

58 Wound dressings, 411Olivera Stojadinovic, Katherine Gordon, and Marjana Tomic–Canic

59 Medicolegal aspects, 415Abel Torres, Ilya Reyter, and Tanya Nino

60 Ethical aspects, 420Abel Torres, Ilya Reyter, and Tanya Nino

61 Psychiatric aspects of cutaneous surgery, 425
Tina Bhutani, Tejas Patel, and John Koo

62 New frontiers in photodynamic therapy, 435Merete Haedersdal and Katrine Togsverd–Bo

Index, 440

Companion DVD–ROM

This book is accompanied by a companion DVD with: more than 80 videos showing procedures described in the book

All videos are referenced in the text where you see this logo

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