Research for Evidence-Based Practice in Healthcare. 2nd Edition. Vital Notes for Nurses

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′Although aimed at pre–registration students and newly qualified nurses, this is a useful book for the first–time researcher of any discipline... A refreshing approach to evidence–based practice.′

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‘This book is easy to follow and is a good start for those wishing to gain a greater understanding of the research process within the development of evidence based care.’
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This is an essential, accessible introduction to the practicalities of research and evidence–based practice aimed at all pre–registration nursing and health care students. It places research and evidence in the context of clinical practice, introduces the main methodological approaches in qualitative and quantitative research and describes the processes of research appraisal, dissemination and implementation.

The new edition ofResearch for Evidence–Based Practice in Healthcare has been updated to include information for a broader health care audience, it engages students with the research and evidence agenda, demonstrates the relevance of research and evidence to nursing practice, and provides them with the skills needed to explore these areas in greater detail.

Special features:

  • A practical guide to research methods and evidence–based practice
  • New edition of a successful student textbook
  • Includes a glossary of common research terms,
  • Provides case studies, key points, further reading, and activities throughout
  • Accompanying website with links to further reading
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List of Common Research Terms.


1 Introduction to Healthcare Research for Evidence–Based Practice.

2 The Research Process – Organising Your Research.

3 Choosing Methodological Approaches.

4 Searching the Literature.

5 Ethics of Healthcare Research.

6 Basic Concepts: Sampling, Reliability and Validity.


7 Issues in Qualitative Data Collection.

8 Case Studies.

9 Ethnography.

10 Phenomenology.

11 A Pragmatic Approach to Qualitative Data Analysis.

12 Limitations of Qualitative Research.


13 Sampling, Reliability and Validity Issues in Data Collection and Analysis.

14 Cause and Effect, Hypothesis Testing and Estimation.

15 Experimental and Quasi–Experimental Approaches.

16 The Single Case Experiment.

17 Randomised Controlled Trials.

18 Non–Experimental Approaches.

19 Surveys.

20 The Role of Statistics.


21 Evidence–Based Practice and Clinical Effectiveness.

22 Critical Evaluation of Research Reports.

23 Writing a Research Report.

24 Getting Research into Practice.

Appendix 1 Research Log.

Appendix 2 List of Useful Websites (In Order of Citation).


Additional resource material can be found on the book’s website at: [external URL]
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"This book is aimed at students who are learning about evidence–based practice and have little understanding of research and research methods." (Doody′s, 16 September 2011)

"A very well written book. Made me more aware of how evidence based practice is important to clinical practice.” 3rd year adult nursing student, Salford University

“I was very impressed with this book. I think the content is very encompassing, and is a very good resource. I enjoyed reading through this book and felt that I learnt a lot from it.” 2nd year nursing student, Keele University

“This text book is aimed at first time students that have never used evidence based practice and who may not understand how to go about researching and understanding journals and other research methods. It is also really good for those students that may be more familiar with research methods but who may wish for clarification. It is definitely a text that crosses different academic levels and would be just as useful for a student completing their dissertation as those just starting a degree.”2nd year nursing student, University of Manchester

“I would certainly recommend the book to my fellow students and lecturer and I am going to take the book into university for them to have a look at.” 1st year nursing student, Huddersfield University

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