Structure of Language. Spoken and Written English

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Structure of Spoken and Written Language.

Janet Townend, Head of Training, The Dyslexia institute, Egham, Surrey and Jean Walker, Training Principal, the Dyslexia Institute, Sheffield

It is unusual for one book to cover spoken and written language but both these topics are addressed in this important book for teachers of language at all levels.

The first section of this accessible text takes the reader through the early development and the structure and usage of spoken English. The second section covers the history and structure of written English, including word formation and grammar.  There are big differences between spoken and written language, and by considering both aspects side by side, it becomes easier to understand the essential characteristics of each.

This book will prove invaluable to those working with children who have for example, literacy problems, speech sound difficulties, word retrieval problems, or helping those with weaknesses at the level of sentences and grammar. This practical book, which contains both written and oral activities for students to encourage understanding of the subject, is full of essential core knowledge for teaching language at any level, including English as an additional language.

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Chapter 1. Human Language.

Chapter 2. The structure of Language.

Cahpetr 3. Language development.

Chapter 4. An introduction to phonology.

Chapter 5. The sounds of English.

Chapter 6. Putting sounds together: the phonological rules.

Chapter 7. Words.

Chapter 8. Grammatical issues.

Chapter 9. Language meaning and use.

Chapter 10. Language variation and theory.


Chapter 11. The history of spoken language.

Chapter 12. The history of written English.

Chapter 13. Grammer 1: Syntax.

Chapter 14. Grammer 2: morphology.

Chapter 15. Parts of speech/word classes.

Chapter 16. Orthography: reading.

Chapter 17. Orthography: spelling.

Chapter 18. Punctuation.




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Janet Townend
Jean Walker
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