Treatment Options in Urological Cancer

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Treatment Options in Urological Cancer provides the trainee and practising urologist with an up–to–date consensus of the current management of urological cancer. It does so in a unique way by setting out the opposing arguments in a controversial area of treatment and then providing an expert overview to tease out the key messages. Each type of cancer (bladder, kidney, testis, prostate and penis) is covered in a dedicated section covering the issues of surgery, drugs, hormone treatment, pathology and molecular biology.
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Part 1: Kidney Caner.

1. The Molecular Biology of Kidney Cancer. (E. P. Castle, G.S. Hallman & J. B. Thrasher).

2. Cytokines and Angiogenesis Inhibitor Treatments. (S. Chowdhury & M. Gore).

3. Surgical Management of Metastatic Renal Cancer. (D. F. Badenoch).

Part 2: Bladder Cancer.

4. The Molecular Biology of Bladder Cancer. (P. E. Keegan, D. E, Neal & J. Lunec).

5. Surgery for Advanced Bladder Cancer. (D. W. W. Newling).

6. Chemotherapy and Bladder Cancer. (F. Calabro & C.N. Sternberg).

7. Treatment Options in Superficial (PTa/PT1/CIS) Bladder Cancer. (J. L. Ockrim & P. D. Abel).

Part 3: Prostate Cancer.

8. The Molecular Biology of Prostate Cancer. (J. Wang & J Waxman).

9. Surgical Pathology of Prostate Cancer. (C.S. Foster).

10. Prostate Radiotherapy. (C. R. Lewanski & S. Stewart).

11. Prostate Cancer: Immediate vs. Deferred Treatment. (D. Kirk).

12. Hormone Therapy of Prostate cancer. (R. Agarwal & Waxman).

13. Chemotherapy in Hormone Refractory Prostate Cancer. (Leslie E. F. Moffat).

14. Radical Prostatectomy. (T. J. Christmas & A. P. Doherty).

15. The Case against Radical Surgery for Early Prostate Cancer. (Leslie E. F. Moffat).

Part 4: Testicular Cancer.

16. Genetics of Adult Male Germ Cell Tumors. (J. Houldsworth, G. J. Bosl & R. S. K. Chaganti).

17. Surveillance, Chemotherapy, and Radiotherapy for Stage 1 Testicular Germ Cell Tumours. (D. H. Palmer & M. H,. Cullen).

18. Chemotherapy of Testicular Cancer. (I. A. Burney & G. M. Mead).

19. Salvage Chemotherapy Regiments of Relapsing Germ Cell Cancer. (M. L. Harvey & G. M. Mead).

20. Surgery for Testicular Cancer. (W. F. Hendry).

Part 5: Penile Cancer.

21. Viral Agents in the Development of Penile Cancer. (P. H. Rajjayabun, T. R. L. Griffiths & J. K. Mellon).

22. Current Concepts in the Management of Penile Cancer. (R. Sarin & H. B. Tongaonkar).


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