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Wiley–Blackwell′s "Clinical Cases" series is designed to recognize the centrality of clinical cases to the profession by providing actual cases with an academic backbone.Clinical Cases in Pediatric Dentistry applies both theory and practice to real–life pediatric dentistry cases in a clinically relevant format. This unique approach supports the new trend in case–based and problem–based learning, thoroughly covering topics ranging from infant oral health to complex pulp therapy. Highly illustrated in full color,Clinical Cases in Pediatric Dentistry′s format fosters independent learning and prepares the reader for case–based examinations.

The book presents actual clinical cases, accompanied by academic commentary, that question and educate the reader about essential topics in pediatric dentistry. Each chapter′s progression from common to increasingly challenging clinical cases enables the reader to build their skills, aiding the ability to think critically and independently.

Clinical Cases in Pediatric Dentistry′s case–based format is particularly useful for pre–doctoral dental students, post–graduate residents and pediatric dentists preparing for Board examinations. The book will also appeal to students and their faculty in pediatric dentistry departments. It will be of interest to practicing pediatric dentists and family dentists as well.

Key Features:

  • Unique case–based format supports problem–based learning
  • Promotes independent learning through self–assessment and critical thinking
  • Highly illustrated with full–color clinical cases
  • Covers all essential topics within pediatric dentistry
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List of Contributors xi

Acknowledgments xv

Preface xvii

Chapter 1 Medically Compromised Patients 3

Case 1 Congenital Heart Disease 4Kerrod B. Hallett

Case 2 Cystic Fibrosis 11Richard Balmer

Case 3 Hemophilia A 17Barbara Sheller

Case 4 T Cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia/Chemotherapy 22Kerrod B. Hallett

Case 5 Liver Transplant 29Paddy Fleming

Case 6 Chronic Benign Neutropenia 35Paddy Fleming

Case 7 Asthma 41Eleanor McGovern

Case 8 Crohn’s Disease 47Paddy Fleming

Chapter 2 Oral Medicine And Oral–facial Pathology 53

Case 1 Acute Odontogenic Infection 54Angus C. Cameron

Case 2 Primary Herpetic Gingivostomatitis 59Angus C. Cameron

Case 3 Peripheral Giant Cell Granuloma 64Angus C. Cameron

Case 4 Eruption Cysts in a Newborn, Natal/Neonatal Teeth 69Angus C. Cameron

Case 5 Gingival Enlargement/Heart Transplant 73Angus C. Cameron

Case 6 Premature Loss of Primary Teeth—Hypophostasia 78Angus C. Cameron

Case 7 Amelogenesis Imperfecta 83Sam Gue

Chapter 3 Complex Pulp Therapy 89

Case 1 Indirect Pulp Treatment 90Evelyn Mamber

Case 2 Partial Pulpotomy in Traumatized Primary Incisors 95Etty Dayan, Diana Ram, and Anna B. Fuks

Case 3 Cervical Pulpotomy in Cariously Exposed Primary Molars  101Moti Moskovitz and Anna B. Fuks

Case 4 Root Canal Treatment in a Primary Molar  106Moti Moskovitz

Case 5 Partial Pulpotomy in a Cariously Exposed Young Permanent Molar 111Moti Moskovitz and Anna B. Fuks

Case 6 Pulpotomy with MTA in an Immature Permanent Molar 115Zvia Elazary and Ilana Heling

Case 7 Root End Closure—Apexification with Ca(OH)2  120Iris Slutzky–Goldberg

Case 8 Root End Closure with MTA  126
Iris Slutzky–Goldberg

Case 9 Revascularization of Necrotic Immature Permanent Tooth with Apical Periodontitis 131Eyal Nuni

Chapter 4 Orofacial Trauma 137

Case 1 Intrusion Injury to Primary Dentition  138S. Thikkurissy and Dennis J. McTigue

Case 2 Root Fracture in the Primary Dentition  143S. Thikkurissy and Dennis J. McTigue

Case 3 Complicated Crown Fracture, Permanent Tooth  147Dennis J. McTigue and S. Thikkurissy

Case 4 Dentoalveolar Luxation Injury to Permanent Dentition  152S. Thikkurissy and Dennis J. McTigue

Case 5 Permanent Tooth Root Fracture and Extrusive Luxation 157Dennis J. McTigue and S. Thikkurissy

Case 6 Permanent Incisor Intrusion  162Dennis J. McTigue and S. Thikkurissy

Case 7 Permanent Tooth Avulsion  167Dennis J. McTigue and S. Thikkurissy

Case 8 Soft Tissue Injury Management  172S. Thikkurissy and Dennis J. McTigue

Chapter 5 Infant Oral Health 181

Case 1 Perinatal Oral Pathology  182Paul Casamassimo and Homa Amini

Case 2 First Dental Visit, Acquired Pathology  186Homa Amini and Paul Casamassimo

Case 3 Early Childhood Caries Managed with Interim Therapeutic Restorations  190Homa Amini and Paul Casamassimo

Case 4 First Dental Visit, Healthy Child 194Homa Amini and Paul Casamassimo

Case 5 General Anesthesia, Restorative Case, Disability  198Homa Amini and Paul Casamassimo

Chapter 6 Growth and Development 203

Case 1 Orthodontic Documentation, Evaluation, and Assessment  204Jeffrey A. Dean

Case 2 Space Management: Premature Loss of Primary Second Molar in Preschool Child  208Jeffrey A. Dean

Case 3 Bilateral Space Management in the Mixed Dentition  212Jeffrey A. Dean

Case 4 Interceptive Orthodontics: Habit Appliances  217Jeffrey A. Dean

Case 5 Interceptive Orthodontics—Anterior Crossbite in a Child in the Mixed Dentition  221Jeffrey A. Dean

Case 6 Patient with Craniofacial Anomaly  226Jeffrey A. Dean

Chapter 7 Behavior Management and Medical Emergencies 233

Case 1 Non–pharmacological Behavior Management 234Michael D. Webb, Diane L. Howell, and Amr M. Moursi

Case 2 Pharmacological Behavior Management  239Michael D. Webb, Diane L. Howell, and Amr M. Moursi

Case 3 Intraoperative Pain Management  245Michael D. Webb, Diane L. Howell, and Amr M. Moursi

Case 4 General Anesthesia  249Michael D. Webb, Diane L. Howell, and Amr M. Moursi

Case 5 Airway Management  253Michael D. Webb, Diane L. Howell, and Amr M. Moursi

Case 6 Allergic Reactions  259Michael D. Webb, Diane L. Howell, and Amr M. Moursi

Case 7 Asthma  263Michael D. Webb, Diane L. Howell, and Amr M. Moursi

Chapter 8 Special Needs Patients 269

Case 1 Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome)/New Patient  270Nancy Dougherty and Farah Alam

Case 2 Cerebral Palsy, Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia  275Nancy Dougherty and Farah Alam

Case 3 Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, Hearing Loss, Intellectual Disability  280Nancy Dougherty and Farhad Yeroshalmi

Case 4 Seizure Disorder, Intellectual Disability  285Nancy Dougherty and Farah Alam

Case 5 Asperger’s Syndrome 290Nancy Dougherty

Case 6 Sickle Cell Anemia, Intellectual Disability 295Nancy Dougherty

Chapter 9 Restorative Dentistry 301

Case 1 Resin Restoration of Incipient Decay (Primary or Permanent Molar) 302Lina M. Cárdenas

Case 2 Class II Glass Ionomer  308Kevin J. Donly and Royana Lin

Case 3 Class II Resin Restoration  313Claudia Isabel Contreras

Case 4 Class V Glass Ionomer Restoration  318Omolola Adetona

Case 5 Class V Resin Restoration  322Maria Minerva Garcia

Case 6 Class IV Resin 327Jeffrey C. Mabry

Case 7 Strip Crowns  333Hugo A. Rivera

Case 8 Stainless Steel Crown Restoration  337Timothy B. Henson

Index  343

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"Clinical Cases in Pediatric Dentistryis a comprehensive text that seemingly touches upon every aspect of pediatric dentistry . . . However, this is still a thorough and useful textbook, and a clear and understandable resource."  (Journal of the Massachusetts Dental Society, 1 April 2013)

“In conclusion , this book presents a wide variety of fundamental aspects related to the holistic management of paediatric dental patients in a concise and thought–provoking manner.”  (British Dental Journal, 8 December 2012)

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