Hypodontia. A Team Approach to Management

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Hypodontia: A Multidisciplinary Approach provides the specialist clinician with a practical reference to the multidisciplinary diagnosis and management of patients with the condition.

Employing a problem based approach throughout, the book is divided into three sections. Section I offers background information on the epidemiology and aetiology of hypodontia, its inheritance patterns and syndromic associations as well as describing the clinical features of the condition and outlining the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to the care of patients.

Section II addresses key issues in hypodontia management; namely problems caused by unacceptable space within and between the dental arches, specific occlusal problems and also complications that can arise in the supporting tissues.

Section III considers three broad groups of patients: the primary/early fixed dentition, the late mixed dentition/early permanent dentition and finally the established dentition with hypodontia. Each chapter will address three main themes: issues specifically related to the age group in question; the multidisciplinary management of patients in the age group with mild, moderate and severe hypodontia; and lastly will include longitudinal examples of treatment of patients in the age group.

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Part 1: Background.

1 Definitions, Prevalence and Aetiology.

2 Features.

3 Providing Care.

Part 2: Key Issues.

4 Space.

5 Occlusion.

6 Supporting Tissues.

Part 3: Age–Related Approaches to Treatment.

7 Primary/Early Mixed Dentition.

8 Late Mixed and Early Permanent Dentition.

9 Established Dentition with Hypodontia.

Glossary of Terms.


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John A. Hobkirk
Daljit S. Gill
Steven P. Jones
Kenneth W. Hemmings
G. Steven Bassi
Amanda L. O′Donnell
Jane R. Goodman
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