Imaging and Spectroscopic Analysis of Living Cells, Vol 505. Methods in Enzymology

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This volume of Methods in Enzymology is the second of three parts looking at current methodology for the imaging and spectroscopic analysis of live cells. The chapters provide hints and tricks not available in primary research publications. It is an invaluable resource for academics, researchers and students alike.

  • Expert authors who are leaders in the field
  • Extensively referenced and useful figures and tables
  • Provides hints and tricks to facilitate reproduction of methods

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Part A: Organelles and Cellular Structure

  • Monitoring cytoskeletal dynamics in living neurons using fluorescence photoactivation
  • Use of DNA-specific anthraquinone dyes to directly reveal cytoplasmic and nuclear boundaries in live and fixed cells
  • Methods to measure actin treadmilling rate in dendritic spines
  • Dynamics of Clathrin coat formationImaging mitotic spindle dynamics
  • Dynamics of microdomains
  • Imaging chromosome dynamics in meiosis
  • Analyzing lysosomes in live cells
  • Imaging of mobile long-lived nanoplatforms in the live cell plasma membrane
  • Visualizing ion channel dynamics at the plasma membrane
  • Live imaging studies of the cytoskeleton
  • Fluorescence single-molecule imaging of actin turnover and regulatory mechanisms
  • Analysis of cell migration and cell-to-cell interaction by videomicroscopy

Part B: Molecules and Ions

  • Real-time quantitative and qualitative assay for Glut-4 translocation
  • Live-cell imaging with signalling complexes
  • Dynamic imaging of oligomerization in living cells
  • Time-resolved liminescence resonance energy transfer imaging of protein-protein interactions in living cells
  • Imaging steriod receptors in live cells
  • Investigating second messenger signaling in vivo
  • Probes for intracellular RNA imaging in live cells
  • Imaging the glycome in live cells
  • Intracellular magnesium detection
  • Imaging mobile zinc
  • Imaging ion flux and ion homeostasis in live cells
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