Nitto Denko, Nissha Printing and TPK are major thin film type of touch panel suppliers for 7.85” iPad-mini

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We reiterate that Apple is ready to adopt Glass/Film type of touch sensor instead of Glass/Glass or Glass/Film/Film for the upcoming 7.85-inch iPad-mini in 3Q12. In our view, this DITO (double-sided ITO) film type of touch solution could significantly reduce overall touch module thickness while maintain a good transparency and touch sensitivity. In our belief, DITO film type of touch panel is PET film-based which (1) Nitto Denko - manufactures the PET substrate and deposits ITO (Indium tin oxide) and metal layers on both sides of it, (2) Nissha Printing - patterns the ITO film and metal frame to achieve DITO touch sensor via lithography and wet-etching process, and (3) TPK - bonds the FPC with the touch panels and process back-end lamination to achieve Glass/Film touch panel module.

Isaiah’s Key Takeaways from our research:

1. Nitto Denko may supply DITO films through Roll-to-Roll process to Nissha.

2. Nissha Printing appears to be major G/F type of touch sensor supplier for Apple’s 7.85” iPad mini.

3. TPK maybe in charge of FPC bonding and back-end lamination process.

Figure 1: 7.85” iPad-mini Touch Panel Module Supply Chain Overview

Figure 2: G/F Type of Touch Panel Module Production Flow Chart
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown