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Metallurgical and Materials Processing: Principles and Technologies (Yazawa International Symposium). Aqueous and Electrochemical Processing. Volume 3

  • ID: 2239367
  • Book
  • May 2010
  • 480 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
From the TMS 2003 Annual Meeting & Exhibition symposium honoring the life′s work of Professor Akira Yazawa, this book, the third in a three–volume collection, discusses recent developments in the physical chemistry of metallurgical processes and physicochemical principles involved in materials processing, with a focus on aqueous and electrochemical processing.

This volume is part of a three–volume set. You may purchase any volume individual or you may purchase the entire three–volume set in its entirety as listed below:

  • Three–Volume Set: Metallurgical and Materials Processing Principles and Technologies (Yazawa International Symposium)
  • Volume 1: Materials Processing Fundamentals and New Technologies
  • Volume 2: High–Temperature Metal Production
  • Volume 3: Aqueous and Electrochemical Processing

A collection of papers from the 2003 TMS Annual Meeting and Exhibition, which was held in San Diego, California, March 2–6, 2003.

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Biography of Professor Yazawa.


Editors′ Biographies.

Organizing Committee.

Session Chairpersons.



Preparation Of Monodisperse CdS Nanoparticles By Hydrochemical Method And Their Surface Modification (Invited) (Z. Duomo and L. Qihou).

Dispersion Characteristics From Two Types Of Bubble Generators Commonly Used In Flotation Columns (R. Escudero G. and F. J. Tavera).

Formation Behavior And Corrosion Characteristics Of Anodic Films On Mg–Al Alloys In NaOH Solutions (S.–J. Kim, R. Ichino and M. Okido).

Electrochemical Couple Behavior Of Manganese Dioxide With Ferrous/Ferric Ions In Acidic Chloride Medium (G. Xueyi, L. Qihou, H. Kai, Z. Duomo and Q. Dingfan).

Electrodeposition Of Thin–Layered CdTe Semiconductor From Basic Aqueous Solutions (Invited) (K. Murase, T. Hirato and Y. Awakura).

Cation Exchange Properties Of Zeolites Obtained From Coal Fly Ash By Alkali Hydrothermal Treatment (N. Murayama, H. Yamamoto and J. Shibata).

The Morphology And Size Control Of Cobalt Particles Produced From Concentrated Aqueous Solution (C. Song, H. Kai, L. Zhihong and A. Kan).


Environmentally Friendly Route To Copper Production: Sulfidation And Leaching Of Chalcopyrite Concentrates (Keynote) (R. Padilla).

Constitution Of Electrical Conductivity Of Copper Sulfate Electrolytes Acidified With Sulfuric Acid For Copper Electro– Refining And –Winning Processes (K. Tozawa, Y. Umetsu, Q.–q. Su and Z.–q. Li).

Separation Of Copper And Arsenic From Acidic Electrolytes By Electrodialysis (J.P. Ibáñez, C. Gutiérrez and L. Cifuentes).

Surface Tension Of Acidic Copper Sulfate Solution Simulating Electrolytic Solution For Copper Electrolysis With/Without Addition Of Gelatin (Invited) (K. Tozawa, Q.–q. Su and Y. Umetsu).

The Mechanism Of Sphalerite Dissolution In Ferric Sulphate–Sulphuric Acid Media (Invited) (J.E. Dutrizac, A.R. Pratt and T.T. Chen).

Technological Flowsheet Of Treatement Of Sulfide Copper Concentrates As By–Products Of Non–Ferrous Metals Production (J.M. Shneerson, A.Yu. Lapin, T.Yu. Kositskaia, K.A. Muravin and L.V. Chugaev).

Thermodynamic Analysis On The Chloridization Reaction In Dust Recycling Processes (S. Yamaguchi, K. Iwasawa, N. Wang and M. Maeda).


OS Process – Thermochemical Approach To Reduce Titanium Oxide In The Molten CaCl2 (Invited) (R.O. Suzuki and K. Ono).

Preparation Of Uniform Fine Nickel Oxalate Particles By The Chelating Precipitation (H. Kai, C. Huiguang and A. Kan).

Anion–Exchange Separations In HCl Media For The Ultra–High Purification Of Cobalt (T. Kekesi, M. Uchikoshi, K. Mimura and M. Isshiki).

Morphological Characteristics Of Nickel Particles Electrodeposited From Chloride Dominant Solution (G. Xueyi, H. Kai, L. Qihou, Z. Chuanfu and M. Okido).

Detailed Mathematical Modeling Of Liquid Metal Streamer Formation And Breakup (Invited) (A. Powell and D. Dussault).

Purification Of Laterite Leach Solutions By Direct Solvent Extraction (Invited) (C.Y. Cheng and M. Urbani).

Non–Toxic Method Of Nickel/Cobalt/Copper Sulfides Precipitation As Rich Concentrates From Diluted Sulfate Solutions (M.I. Kalashnikova, J.M. Shneerson, M.V. Keskinova and V.V. Chetvertakov).

The Polymorph Transformations Of Antimony White In Hydro–Process (X. Songwen, Y. Xiaohui, X. Xiao and H. Jifen).


Extraction And Separation Of Metals From Sulfide By Slurry Electrowinning Process (SEP) (Invited) (Q. Dingfan and W. Jikun).

Gold Leaching By Using Ammonium Thiosulfate Solution And Gold Recovery By Solvent Extraction And Cementation (T. Fujita, L. Kejun, A. Shibayama, H. Arima and W.–T. Yen).

Corrosion Behaviors Of Pb–Ag–Ca Anodes For Zinc Electrowinning In Sulfuric–Acid Electrolyte (Y. Takasaki, H. Watanabe and K. Koike).

De–Oiling Of Industrial Water Effluents Using Column Flotation (F.J. Tavera and R. Escudero).

Mechanism Of Electrolysis Of Rare Earth Chlorides In Molten Alkali Chloride Baths (Invited) (T. Yamamura, Z. Zong–Yu, I.C. Wu, H. Zhu, M. Mehmood, H. Maekawa, M. Hoshi and Y. Sato).

Ecologically Safe Technology For Extraction Of Nonferrous Metals From Sulfide Raw Materials By Means Of Bacterial Leaching (O. Slavkina, N. Fomchenko and V. Biryukov).


Zirconia–Based Inert Anodes For Green Synthesis Of Metals And Alloys (Invited) (C.P. Manning, A. Krishnan and U.B. Pal).

Hydrometallurgical Process For Recycling Of Spent Nickel–Metal Hydride Secondary Battery (Invited) (T. Kuzuya, T. Naito, H. Sano and T. Fujisawa).

Rare Earth Separation And Recycling Process Using Rare Earth Chloride (T. Uda and M. Hirasawa).

A Novel Application Of Electrorefining In A Membrane Cell To Reclaim Zinc From The Bottom Dross Of Hot Dip Galvanization (L. Becze and T. I. Török).

Fundamental And Applied Research On Tin Electrorefining Employing Stainless Steel Cathodes (Invited) (P. von Krüger and E.L. de Souza).

Separation Of Elements In Stainless Steel By Electrorefining Process (T. Takenaka, M. Kawakami and M. Kawaguchi).

Preparation Of Fibrious Nickel Oxide Particles By The Method Of Chemical Precipitation And Pyrolysis (Z. Chuanfu, Z. Jing, G. Xueyi and M. Okido).


Dowa Mining Co., Ltd. (Japan).

Flogen Technologies Inc.(Canada).

Furukawa Co., Ltd.(Japan).

Korea Zinc Co. Ltd.(South Korea).

Mitsubishi Materials Corp.(Japan).

Mitsui Mining and Smelting Co., Ltd.(Japan).

Outokumpu Oyj (Finland).

Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd. (Japan).

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